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Air Jordan 11 OG Samples Concord

1 OG. In 1993, Michael Jordan announced that he was walking away from The news that the game's most recognized…

1 OG.

 Air Jordan 11 OG

In 1993, Michael Jordan announced that he was walking away from The news that the game’s most recognized number would go out in his career triggered many questions, including the state of his Air Jordan signature. Feeling it should not continue, there were a few few still believed, including designer Tinker Hatfield, who started his work for the Air Jordan III line.

Some thought the line would end with Air Jordan X, but Hatfield still thought it should continue even though Michael had no presence on leaf räet. “My impression was that he had already transcended the sport on the market and it did not matter. It did not matter if he played or not, “explains Hatfield. Like most creative and innovative, Hatfield followed his bowel and began to work on what was going to be The Grail – 11th Air Jordan.

 Air Jordan 11 XI OG

He wanted it to be one of the most innovative basketball shoes ever. “As an athlete trying to win, I took over and I took more thoughts and more technology and more innovation in the mind of Jordan XI than I had ever done before in my entire life at Nike. And so, shoe ended with so many magnitudes, “he shared.” It was partly I who tried to prove that we can still do good design work even though Michael did not play and that innovation sells. “

These firsts include the use of a full-bodied carbon fiber plate specially developed for XI. Hatfield landed on this tank after noting some basketball shoes were too flexible and caused major athletes to overcome. Connect that insight with their experience of playing football in high school, Hatfield began prototyping and developing a plate for XI. “When I had a new pair of bricks they were a bit tight when they went out on the field, but on the match day you are only electrified and go. Football clothes are becoming a performance tool because they are so stiff and you can move a little faster. “Full-length carbon fiber plate would be connected with full-length Nike Air cushions in finished product.

 Air Jordan 11 OG Sample

Like all Air Jordan performance models, the team always wants to meet Michael’s wishes and needs. The iconic shine of Air Jordan XI stemmed from a specific request from the man. “Michael had always asked if we could ever make a shiny basketball shoe? And he did not know what that meant, and I did not, until I found a Japanese tailored Nike Baseball shoe. “The paint on the brick did not only give glory and kept things clean, but Hatfield also noticed that it worked as a form of support due to its stiffness.

Because of that, he conceived this leather edge for XI as a form of containment for Michael at the Court. Not only did it work for a performance purpose, it took luxury to the hardwood unlike any shoe before it. “Estimately, Hatfield applied the rim through the lens of a performance vehicle.” I wanted the shoe edge to be like a car, skinny and easy to clean, “describes Hatfield.” I had drawn a few cars and this shoe was like a car because it had a shiny body. But then it’s a convertible, so it had a fabric sheet. “

 Air Jordan XI 11 OG

The fabric leaflet led to Air Jordan XI’s unique ballistic nylon upper. The team retrieved a high quality, durable nylon that has been used on backpacks for a long time. The upper also showed a” fast ” system of a kind of nylon band loop. This was born from another insight directly from MJ because early prototypes (the image above) contained an asymmetrical tongue that he would not have because he thought it could be difficult for carriers to easily enter i.

When shoe developed, it was time to color it, unlike any Air Jordan before it. While it was the white and black look that would immediately become part of its rise to neighboring status, each it really was the dark concord accents that made it unique. “I thought it would be a white and black shoe that could go with something, but I threw purple on the bottom just to let everyone know, not just made I’m wearing this crazy shoe but I will not go with even some layer of colors, and I chose Concord Purple just to touch people. “

 Air Jordan 11 OG Outer sole

Hatfield would continue to give Michael a pair with a very specific rule: do not use them.” He comes back and begins to train in that shoe. We told him, “Man, do not carry them in the game. Do not carry them in the game because we’re not ready to commercialize these things yet,” Hatfield claimed to share with MJ. Of course, on his unexpected MJ road, Michael obviously continued with Air Jordan XI for the first time in the Eastern Conference semifinals vs. Orlando Magic.

Although it may have been months before model retail, shoes would continue to be the degree that everyone would have. “It turned out to be brilliant in Michael’s part, because the introduction of that forest was unpredictable.” Twenty-two years later, the iconic silhouette held luxury to court and beyond its grail status today.

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”
Color: White / Black-Dark Concord
Model Code: 378037-100
Issued Date: December 8, 2018
Price: $ 220

 Air Jordan 11 Concord 2018

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