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Air conditioning not needed: researchers have found a new way of saving from the heat – Techno 24

November 17, 2018 Science 1 Views Researchers from mine have invented a new type of windowcoverings to reflect heat. According…

Researchers from mine have invented a new type of windowcoverings to reflect heat. According to researchers, about 6% of the electricity produced in the US is used for air conditioning, but there is an alternative way of combating heat.

4PDA is reported.

The developed film is transparent at ambient temperatures up to 32 degrees. But with increasing temperature it becomes increasingly opaque. As a result, the coating reflects 70% of the heat from the sun, reducing the temperature inside the building and reducing the load on air conditioning.

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The film will be fed at temperatures above 29.4 degrees

For maximum effect, block the heat, the researchers conducted a standard Palmeral miniature water-filled spheres. If the temperature is over 29.4 degrees of the sphere begins contracting, squeezing fluid and turning into a communication fiber Palmeral. This gives the glass a frosted appearance, blocks heat and simultaneously transmits sufficient amount of light.

Note that similar films were before, but they do not block heat. And with the new development, room temperature can be reduced from 39 degrees to 34 degrees. However, it seems that a slight decrease in temperature can dramatically reduce energy consumption.

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