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After losing 312 pounds, the woman talks about redundant skin

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On New Year’s Day 201

6, Lexi Reed and her husband Danny made a resolution to go down in weight. At that time, Lexi refused 485 pounds and her size held her back. Over two years later, Lexi has lost 312 pounds of diet and exercise – and completely transformed her life.

Although she is in a much happier place today, after reaching her goal weight, she began to experience another problem: crushing neck and jaw pain.

“I tried to explain to physicians that something was wrong with me, but they could not answer me,” Reed told me today. “I stayed quiet for a long time and hoped the pain would only go, but it never did.”

When she and Danny stood looking in the mirror one day he lifted the overflow skin hanging on the body. Suddenly, the pain reduced.

“I did not understand why I felt okay in the morning … not realized as my skin was hanging all day and when I was training (it hurt more)” she said. “I found out that the skin causes many problems and I was not alone.”

Reed felt better with restrictive sports breeds and received daily massage, she knew it was not a long-term solution.

 Lexi Reed's husband Danny held up her loose skin and the pain she felt reduced. Lexi Already, Danny held up her light skin and the pain she experienced fell.

She went to Dr. Joseph Michaels, Washington, DC-based plastic surgeon specializing in skin removal surgery. After several studies, he recommended three to four skin removal operations to help. The first surgery took place on Halloween.

“I’m just trying to get through this first one,” she said. “I’m afraid of needles, never had surgery or even stayed in a hospital … But I’m more nervous about the damage I do on my body every day by wearing this extra skin.”

Reed said that her insurance does not cover skin removal so that she has to pay off her pocket for her surgery.

“It’s expensive but I refuse to continue to live like this,” she said.

Reed has shared the process of social media, including meetings with her doctors and videos of her superfluous skin.

“It’s hard to be so open on the Internet, especially when you’ve never shared that part of you with anyone before. But again I knew if it helped a person – even if everyone else did not want to see the rich part of weight loss “It was worth it,” she explained.

Since her surgery, Reed has documented her recovery at Instagram as she continues to educate people on skin removal surgery. She had what plastic surgeons refer to as a “360-degree body lift”, a cut around whole body to remove the skin from her hips, buttocks and stomachs, making it difficult for her to walk. She is still swollen and has sewers to remove fluid from her cut.

“I’ve had pain in those In recent days – more than in my whole life, “she wrote on Instagram.” I can slowly use the bathroom myself and get better on going daily. “

Reed hopes her experience will help others to understand weight loss and inspire them to consider healthy living choices.

“It’s not about the importance you’re losing, but the life you get,” she said. “I can have very loose skin and not have the perfect body, but I was 485 pounds and on my death bed. I’d rather have more loose skin than going back to the life that I lived before.”

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