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After almost 2 weeks and 2 tells, Florida Senate Race ends: NPR

Volunteer observers keep track of Friday as electoral staff at the board review polls under a voting vote in Palm…

Volunteer observers keep track of Friday as electoral staff at the board review polls under a voting vote in Palm Beach County for US Senate Running.

Michele Eve Sandberg / AFP / Getty Images

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Michele Eve Sandberg / AFP / Getty Images

Volunteer observers keep track of Friday, as electoral staff at the board investigate voting under a voting vote in Palm Beach County for US senate rallies.

Michele Eve Sandberg / AFP / Getty Images

Updated at 02:19 ET

After two stories, a flood of trial and charged political rhetoric, 12-day election marathon in Florida finally ends.

According to official results of the Florida Division of Elections, current Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, heads democratic late Bill Nelson in the controversial Senate war. Scotts management slightly decreased to about 10,000 votes. Nelson has planned a press conference on Sunday afternoon, where he is expected to discuss his political future.

Scott announced that Nelson had called him to acknowledge.

“I just spoke to Senator Bill Nelson, who graciously acknowledged, and I thanked him for his years of public service,” Scott said in a statement.

Official results were due to Foreign Minister Ken Detzner’s office from Florida’s 67 counties at noon on Sunday. About one hour before the deadline, Broward County, which was one of two counties at the epicenter of the state’s narrative drama, announced that it had completed its story and submitted the results.

Since the margin between Nelson and Scott was less than a quarter of a percentage point after the first recount, the State Act called a number of bills that a machine could not make a clear reading either because the race was empty or because there were other brands which made the vote unclear.

The results of county election officials on Sunday will reflect total totals as well as voices from military and foreign voters. As long as voting from abroad was stamped before November 6th, they are counted if they were received by county officials on Friday.

A federal judge has denied a number of trials filed by Nelson in an attempt to deposit the deficit. They contained a request to count in voicemail voices received after the election day and a request to abolish a state act requiring voters to use the same labeling method for different races over their polls.

The Scott campaign has call Nelson on a daily basis to acknowledge. In an idea of ​​trust, Scott participated in a Washington briefing last week for incoming senators.

In a statement issued Sunday, the Scott campaign said that Nelson has a choice: “Remember as a state man who graciously admitted after 42 years of public service … or be remembered as the sore loser who refused to meet the people as he served. “

The Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum admitted Saturday night after completing his own recount not close enough to the gap with his opponent Republican Ron DeSantis.

In his concession on Saturday, Gillum referred to the administrative issues that these centers discovered 18 years after the state first came under hard review for the 2000 presidential election.

“We go to everything we can to ensure that in the immediate vicinity weeks and in the next few months we will do what we can to reconcile our electoral system, “Gillum said.” We need to update Florida’s voting system and bring it to the 21st century. “

Don Gonyea’s political correspondent Don Gonyea contributed to report.

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