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Adenovirus outbreak claims the 9th child in the New Jersey facility

One ninth child has died in a childhood rehabilitation center in New Jersey due to an outbreak of respiratory virus,…

One ninth child has died in a childhood rehabilitation center in New Jersey due to an outbreak of respiratory virus, officials told Sunday.

New Jersey Department of Health said in a press release that “another medically fragile child” who had a confirmed case of adenovirus at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation died Saturday night. The child had become ill before October 22, according to officials.

“This is a tragic situation, and our thoughts are with the families who are currently mourning,” said New Jersey Health Commissioner. Shereef Elnahal in a statement. “We work every day to ensure that all infection control protocols are monitored continuously and carefully monitor the situation at the facility.”

The new diagnosis gives the total number of cases at the facility to 25. An employee at the facility also became ill as part of the outbreak but has since recovered. Another death Friday of a medically weak resident has not been confirmed by laboratory results linked to the disease, according to NJDOH.

The disease identified as adenovirus 7 poses the greatest risk for patients with weakened immune system or existing respiratory and cardiac disease. According to CDC, the virus causes a wide range of diseases &#821

1; including colds, throat pain, bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, pink eyes, fever, bladder infection, stomach inflammation or neurological diseases.


The latest date of outbreaks of disease was October 22 and it is believed that the disease became ill between 26 September and 22 October. The affected children in the plant’s pediatric ventilation unit had seriously compromised immune systems, including respiratory problems, before the onset of outbreaks, according to the authority.

“As part of an ongoing effort to ensure that all infection control measures are followed, extra steps are taken to monitor residents and staff for possible signs of contagious disease,” said Elnahal. “Not all viruses are adenovirus. Often people get sick for many reasons, especially those medically fragile children who have breathing problems as part of their underlying medical condition.”

The plant has since ceased to receive new residents as long as the outbreak is. The outbreak will not be declared until the middle can last four weeks without the recent infection of the patients.

The State Health Department has sent a team of investigators to the facility to determine the cause of the outbreak.

Fox News “Alexandria Hein and Katherine Lam contributed to this report.

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