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Adam Gase speaks to security Reshad Jones to leave the game

DAVIE, Fla. – Hours after mysterious withdrawal from Sunday's 13-6 victory over the jets after just 10 snaps, Miami Dolphin's…

DAVIE, Fla. – Hours after mysterious withdrawal from Sunday’s 13-6 victory over the jets after just 10 snaps, Miami Dolphin’s safety. Reshad Jones came to coach Adam Gase’s office voluntarily to discuss the situation and why he made that decision.

The gas came out of the conversation with a better understanding of exactly what happened and warned the public to be “slow to rush” to judge that “there are other factors involved”.

“I’m still good going through a couple of things. I need to talk to a few other people, but I and he are on the same side right now,” says Gase Monday. “That’s the conversation between him and me, that’s where will stay. “

Gase said Jones will play next Sunday in Green Bay after” many things have been cleaned “Sunday night. He said discipline, if any, will be held internally. It was several moments on Monday news conference when Gase referred to defensive coordinator Matt Burke’s communication skills with players and indicated that Jones’s question is “less me and he.”

Gase said he did not know Jones was unfortunate before Sunday. When asked if Burke knew that Jones was unfortunate, Gase said, “I can not talk about it, but I’m a little more involved now.”

Burke began to patch his protection, with Jones and TJ McDonald sitting on the bench for one series at a time instead of roo kie-defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, to change things for a defense that had allowed 74 points to Detroit and Houston during the two previous matches.

Gas said he did not talk to Burke on Sunday night. He has not talked to Jones to talk to the team about Sunday yet.

A Dolphins player told ESPN on Sunday that these rotations were known during the week, but they were not widely accepted. But this player also said, “Like it or not, you have to do what the coach asks.”

Jones, who has been a Dolphin launcher since 201

1, made Pro Bowl 2015 and 2017. Gas was argued that the Jones issue would not be delayed and that they would “move on” but he also indicated that he had to do more excavation on the event as a whole.

“I’ll have more of an idea here all the time and tomorrow” said Gase. “I’ll figure out many things that happened during the week, towards the end of the week or on the game day.”

Jones was not in the storage room to talk to the media after the match on Sunday. Players were not available on Monday. Burke usually speaks every Thursday afternoon.

Gase said he will play a bigger role with the defense ahead.

“I’ve been more involved. It’s part of my job, so I’ll communicate and communicate back, says gas.” We are all on the same page. When I want to do something, that’s what we need to do. “

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