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Accused mansion manor was “ordinary self” the day before: employee

It was less than 24 hours before the authorities said he slaughtered his brother, sister-in-law, sibling and nephew and then…

It was less than 24 hours before the authorities said he slaughtered his brother, sister-in-law, sibling and nephew and then burned their Colts Neck, NJ mansion, but for Paul Caneiro it was just another ordinary Monday. [19659002] Caneiro, 51 – who allegedly owed four bills of murder and other charges on Friday – was his “usual man” when he went on everyday tasks, an employee of his recalled post.

“Paul was Paul,” said David Natelson, business manager of Ecostar Pest Management, the damages the two brothers owned.

Caneiro arrived at the Asbury Park office around 10 o’clock and left around 3 o’clock and spent as he often did a lot of the day with his nose in his iPad, said Natelson.

“Nothing I saw on Monday was different from what I had seen another day,” he reminded.

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4 hours later, Caneiro drove to his younger brother Keith Caneiro’s scattering mansion, where I would mortally shoot the 50-year-old on his own front lawn, the authorities mean.

Walked past his brother’s bullet-riddled corpse, Caneiro stormed inside and shot and then stabbed his brother’s wife Jennifer Caneiro deadly and then turned the knife on the couple’s two children, 8-year-old Sophia and 11-year-old Jesse, police said.

Caneiro then left Manse Ablaze and went back to his Ocean, NJ, at home, where he ignited another fire in an attempt to make a mess that they were also under attack, the authorities claimed.

Prosecutors said that Caneiro’s motivation was “an economic character deriving from [Paul] and [Keith’s] joint venture” but did not provide details of how money came between the two men, both of which seemed to live quite comfortably. 19659002] But Natelson said there were no signs Ecostar fought.

“I was not aware of any pressure or amount of money deposited in an account,” he said, stressing that he was not the subject of internal financial work in the company.

“It was not a gold mine. We grew our revenue and invested in additional costs … It was a growing company like all growing business has cash flow pressures, but no serious … no business threatening pressure.”

Neither brother was intimately involved in the operation of the nine employee company that has been launched since Paul arrested Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Natelson said.

The youngest Caneiro brother, Corey, 44, who was close to both elder brothers, has “performed administrative details” for the business, “said Natelson.

“Our instructions should work as usual,” he added.

Keith supervised the technology company Square One, the brothers co-owned – sharing the same second floor space as Ecostar – and he rarely came to the office, noted Natelson.

“Three and a half years ago, they seemed to be both more involved in both companies, and over time Paul became more brother who handled pest control and Keith became brother more involved in technology,” said Natelson. “I do not think I’ve seen Keith probably in a year.”

On Saturday a restoration company was discovered after restoration outside Caneiro’s well-known two-story home. Orange evidence stamps and an order to leave were glued to the front door, as a worker carried bags of clothes and loaded them in a van. Caneiro stays in a cell at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution. His next court date is January 30th.

About 2 miles from prison leads an in-depth memorial of homemade posters, flowers and toys fences by Keith Caneiro’s Colts Neck Manor. A child’s drawing shows the family, with the sun shining over them. It is signed, “I miss you, love Adriana.”

Natelson said at the time that he “could not believe” that his boss could have such cool actions, as Monmouth County prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said last week were some of

“Only one animal could do it as described by prosecutors, and I never thought of him as an animal, “he said.

Further Reporting by Khristina Narizhnaya [19659019]
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