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Accidents, protests and disputes overthrow Florida tells ::

By KELLI KENNEDY and TERRY SPENCER, Associated Press FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Accidents, protests and disputes overshadow the right to…

– Accidents, protests and disputes overshadow the right to vote in Florida’s governor and senate pivot race, reviving memories of the 2000 president’s failure in the prime political battlefield.

All 67 counties face a statutory deadline on Thursday to complete their stories and half have already begun. Many other counties started commencing work Monday after a weekend of narrative drama in Broward and Palm Beach counties, home to large concentrations of democratic voters.

The development sparked a tumultuous political day in Florida. More than half of Florida’s 67 counties began a recount process that is unmatched even in a state famous for determining the choice of razor-sharp margins. Government officials said they were not aware of another time a contest for the governor or US senate demanded a story, albeit both in the same election.

In Broward County, the explanation was delayed in hours Sunday due to a problem with one of the tabulators. As a result, the republican party struck Broward’s supervisor of election, Brenda Snipes, for “incompetence and gross management”.

Broward officials postponed further headaches after acknowledging the county incorrectly counted 22 absentee polls that had been rejected. The problem seemed impossible to remedy, since dismissed polls were blended with 205 legal polls and Snipes said it would be unfair to cast out all votes.

.gov. Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for the Senate, brought a suit against Snipes. He sought a court decision for law enforcement agencies to speed up all voters, counting devices and polls “when not used until someone tells.” The doctor accused Snipes of repeatedly not reporting how many voices would count and fail to report results regularly by law.

The court did not respond immediately, although the cry of democracy was immediate. [1

9659003] Juan Penalosa, Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Democratic Party, accused Scott of “using his position to consolidate power by cutting the very essence of our democracy”.

At the same time, in the election of Palm Beach County Tutor said she did not think that her department could meet Thursday’s last day to complete this story and question what would happen to vote there.

The recount in other major population centers, including Miami-Dade and Pinellas and Hillsborough County in the Tampa Bay area, continues without incident. Smaller municipalities were expected to start rounds between Monday and Wednesday.

State officials said they were not aware of another time a contest for governor or US Senate demanded a story, even less both in the same election. The recount process in the two nationally-watched midterm races is unmatched even in a state famous for settling the choice with razor-sharp margins.

Unofficial results showed republican former US rep. Ron DeSantis led Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum with 0.41 percentage points in the governor’s contest. In the senate race, Scott’s leadership over Democratic Commander Bill Nelson was 0.14 percentage points.

State legislation requires a machine bill in races where the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points. When it is clear that the differences in any of the contests are 0.25 percentage points or less, a bill will be ordered.

When the recount developed, republicans repeated their democratic opponents to give up and allow the state to continue. [19659003] Scott said Sunday that Nelson wants fraud and those thrown by non-citizens to count and point to a Nelson lawyer who opposes Palm Beach County’s rejection of a preliminary vote because it was cast by a noncitizen.

“He tries to commit fraud to win this election,” Scott told Fox News. “Bill Nelson is a humble. He has been in politics for too long.”

The Nelson Campaign issued a statement later saying that their lawyer was not entitled to object to the rejection of the vote as “non-citizens can not vote in US elections”.

In Fort Lauderdale, Gillum appeared at a predominant African-American church on Sunday night, warning against voice suppression and declarations of voting interruptions are not just about being blocked from the meeting. He said that it also includes absent voices that do not count and puppies with undue signatures that “a volunteer may have the opportunity to … decide that the void is void.”

Gillum and Nelson have argued that each voice should count and the Process should take its course.

Both state department, as Scott runs, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have said that they have not found any evidence of fraud fraud.

It did not stop protests outside Snipe’s office, where a crowd of mostly Republicans gathered, featured signs, listened to country music and sometimes sang “unlock her”, referring to Snipes. A massive Trump 2020 flag flew across the parking lot and Many members of a Bikers For Trump group had matching shirts, blended among a crowd that included a protest wearing a Hillary Clinton mask.

Registered Independent Russell Liddick, a 38-year-old Pompano Beach retailer, carried a signage read, “I’m not here for Trump! I’m here for fair elections! Four Snipes! “He said the office problems” do not make me feel as much as my voice counts. “

Florida also conducts a recount in a third statewide breed. Democrat Nikki Fried had a 0.07 percentage point lead over Republican State Rev. Matt Caldwell for the Agriculture Commissioner, one of Florida’s three cabins.

For some, you recount memories of the 2000 President’s story when it took more than five weeks for Florida to declare George W. Bush victory over Vice President Al Gore with 537 votes, giving the Bush Presidency.

Much has changed since then.

In 2000, each county had its own voting system. Many used ballot papers – voters pushed out chads and left small holes in their polls representing their candidates. However, some voters did not completely outlaw the presidential campaign or just gave it a little push. These hanging and dark chads had to be investigated by conservatories, a long-lasting, tiring and often subjective process that became feed for late night comedians.

Now the state requires that all Florida counties use voices where voters use a pen to mark their candidate’s name, much like a student taking a multiple-choice test.


AP author Tamara Lush in St. Petersburg Petersburg and Brendan Farrington in Tallahassee contributed to this report.


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