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Access to tobacco products increases smoking rates in pregnant women, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Washington DC [USA]: Pregnant women are more likely to smoke if they live in areas with a number of cigarette…

Washington DC [USA]: Pregnant women are more likely to smoke if they live in areas with a number of cigarette sales, according to a new study.

by researchers at the University of Edinburgh, the results appear in the Tobacco Control magazine.

Pregnant women living in Scottish neighborhoods with the highest access to tobacco products are 70 percent more likely to smoke than if they live in areas where no tobacco is sold, researchers say.

The team examined mammalian lines &#821

1; containing information about the expectant mother’s smoking behavior – for the over 700,000 born in Scotland between 2000 and 2015. They focused on women who had at least two children during a period and moved the neighborhood between pregnancies.

The data was analyzed as information about all tobacco stores in Scotland. Researchers found that the risk of women smoking during pregnancy increased in line with local availability of tobacco products.

Restricting the supply of tobacco can help reduce smoking among pregnant women, including 15 percent smokers the wider population in Scotland, says the team.

Restricting the supply of tobacco could also help to address inequality in health in the country, researchers said. Previous work from the team has shown that the highest levels of access to tobacco products tend to be in the most deprived areas.

Dr Tom Clemens, senior author of the study, said that “Smoking during pregnancy is a critically important public health issue with lasting effects for both moms and children. This study provides the strongest evidence that the need to handle tobacco deliveries must be managed to reduce the incidence of smoking. “

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