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About last night: Trae Young breaks out

Comparison of a rookie with one year of college experience – even as impressive as Trae Young's flaming new year's…

Comparison of a rookie with one year of college experience – even as impressive as Trae Young’s flaming new year’s season in Oklahoma – to a future Hall of Famer is almost always an exercise in hyperbola.

But fair or not, when you’re an under-dimensional punisher with almost unlimited shootings with a penchant for counting numbers in ridiculous bells, observers will probably mention you in the same breath as Warrior’s superstar Stephen Curry.

In the fall of youngsters, the parallels became only stronger when Hawks GM Travis Schlenk, formerly of the same Warriors, nabbed him in a draft day deal with Mavericks in exchange for European wunder boy Luka Doncic and an additional first round.

If these comparisons disturb Young, yes, he did not make any favorites on Sunday, when he enjoyed one of the finest first years performances in the NBA story. In fact, Young has achieved a line that is not seen from an NBA rookie since Curry itself in 201

0 and only 11 rookies in total.

Per Basket Reference, the list of 11 rookies include such legends as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. Add Young’s six-pointer, and the list shrinks to just Curry and Jason Kidd. Add Young’s only turnover, and the list shrinks to just … Young.

It was a welcome show for the Hawks, who have been treated to blink from Young since the Summer League but no like Sunday outbreak, where he dropped 13 of 23 shots in total and orchestrated the crime as an experienced veteran. And it only came in their third NBA game.

In view of his lack of experience and the unfortunate contradictions of a reconstruction Hawks team who are relegated to return near the situation, it would be stupid to owe Young this early. After all, he only became 20 last month.

But for at least one historic afternoon, the Curry comparisons seemed quite dead. Doncic was impressed!
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