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A video shows us new gestures in the interface of MIUI 9


Xiaomi continues polishing its software layer to introduce new gestures in the interface of MIUI, that is what we have known now thanks to new information. We can appreciate this thanks to a new video that reveals some new gestures for the MIUI 9 interface and that they could get more out of the edges of the screen.

Yesterday we were surprised with what could be the great revolution within the range of the Chinese, the launch of the Xiaomi Mi8 , the version of the eighth anniversary, which as shown in this leaked video, would have a fingerprint reader under the screen.

More gestures for the MIUI 9 interface

Specifically, these new gestures they have to do with recent apps , which we can access in this way and quickly as shown in the video. In this, that belongs to the same ROM that we saw last weekend, and that we It showed many of the gestures and improvements of Android P that will have MIUI 9 , we can see a new way of accessing recent applications, without having to go directly to multitasking, which as it could also be seen last weekend, will also have important improvements.

These gestures, which we can perform both on the right side of the screen and the left, allow you to slightly slide your finger on the screen at the edges. When sliding, with an interesting animation, the screen is deformed to see an arrow that happens to become an icon. At that moment dragging this little icon we can move between the different recent apps , the last ones that we have opened, and which we would also access through multitasking.

A video shows us new gestures in the interface of MIUI 9

This video belongs to the beta 8.5.11 of MIUI 9, this time exclusively for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 , a mobile that lends itself to it without a doubt by its ultra thin edges. Anyway it is expected that these gestures can be extended to other phones, which as in the case of Mi Mix, without front capacitive buttons, whose functions must be replaced by this type of gestures. It is pointed out that this beta of My Mix 2 is so different from the views in other terminals of Xiaomi that could imply the advance of MIUI 10 . Do not forget visit the Xiaomi forum of Movilzona .