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A Southwest Flight made an emergency landing after a flight of non-consensual Footsie disappeared

Photo: Wilfredo Lee (AP) If you have ever flown before you feel the feeling: When you chase your place, you…

Photo: Wilfredo Lee (AP)

If you have ever flown before you feel the feeling: When you chase your place, you hope and pray that the person next to you will not be any weirdo who does not understand the concept of personal space. Normally we are quite happy. But on Tuesday, a southwest flight must make an emergency landing because of a man’s insistence that he plays football with his seat attendant.

It sounds stupid at first, but the details of the whole event quickly become quite disturbing. According to the Ministry of Justice, a 29-year-old Texan named Justin Brafford is accused of a single attack and scary members of a flight crew, as things went out of control.

On a flight from Los Angeles to Dallas, Brafford was next to a woman with whom he decided he really needed to play football. This is probably every woman’s nightmare: Dear Sir, I’m trapped in this flying metal litter with nowhere to go and this strange man next to me keeps rubbing my feet.

It just got worse from there. According to the woman, Brafford also appeared in verbal harassment when she began to look uncomfortable. After warning her, “Do not Get Me,” an air hostess agreed to change the woman’s seat.

But Brafford was not finished. See, after the woman was resurrected, he confronted her. Flying children tried to make him quietly return to his own seat, but Brafford went wild. He dived into a captivating rival of air hostess who became so afraid that the pilot diverted the plan to Albuquerque so that Brafford could be escorted by the police.

According to the authorities, it was ripped due to some illegal substances. Brafford claimed that he received “conversation” from God after using methamphetamine the day before the flight – and after overdose on heroin over the weekend. What gods and drugs were dealing with an aggressive game of footsie, I do not know, but Brafford is now in prison for 20 years and a $ 250,000 fine for his shenanigans, because it’s a federal crime to fight with a flight crew.

Southwest officials have confirmed that their passengers’ comfort and safety are their top priority, and that the flight continued on Dallas Love Field without happening after Brafford has been removed.

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