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A shutdown deadlock that Trump actually goes, Democrats illogical

T he televised presidential address from the Oval Office, a pile of communication between the executive director and the people…

T he televised presidential address from the Oval Office, a pile of communication between the executive director and the people in the second half of the twentieth century, has recently been in battle. Former President Barack Obama delivered only three such addresses in his eight years in the office. President Trump this week gave his first, only days short to complete a half-term.

It was a sober address, short but about some emotional chords. It was also carefully based on actual facts and suggestions &#821

1; in contrast to the democrats’ meme that it would be based on fear, not facts.

Factor control after the post was particularly farcical. The Washington Post said that Trump’s two-year-old “266,000 criminal detention detention” allegations were “correct but misleading” because it included all crimes. What?

Another complaint was that Trump’s claim that one in three women in caravans was sexually abusive. The complainant pointed to a study that said it was actually 60 to 80 percent of them. Trump had underestimated the case. Of course, no one knows the actual figures; a good guess can be “a lot”.

But it is quite obvious what happened on the southern border. Attempted border crossings were far down in 2017, presumably for fear of severe Trump enforcement. They rose in 2018, so many Americans began arriving with children in the hope of entering the United States by utilizing court-created loopholes in American asylum law. Few had legitimate claims of political persecution or other traditional asylum clauses. many complained of high local crime rates, for which no one has ever granted asylum as far as I know.

It may be argued that the number of illegal southern border crossings was much higher 15 and 20 years ago. Therefore, Congress voted, including late Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., And Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., In 2006 for more border protection.

And it is possible to argue that illegal people in the current hot labor market have a slightly depressing effect on wages and that the number of illegal criminals of illegal immigrants, despite the regret, is patience in a nation of 327 million.

Democrats tend to understand these valid but harsh arguments. Instead, they strongly insist that a wall, which many supported a dozen years ago, will inevitably be ineffective and must be considered “immoral”.

This first argument flies ahead of evidence. As US corporate institute’s Michael Rubin pointed out in 2017, Israel’s Wall with the West Bank, the Wall of Morocco with Algeria, India’s Bangladesh, Hungary with Serbia and others has reduced illegal crossings to near zero. To the point Rubin reports this year, France, Iraq, Lithuania, Estonia and Norway are putting up walls. “It is simply contraindicated to suggest that the walls will not work,” he writes, “cautiously subordinate facts to today’s politics.”

And why are walls immoral? Rope. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif. Recognizing “The Berlin Wall was keeping people in” arguments, but insisting that a wall to keep people out is “medieval” and “a symbol of” us and not us “.” Yes, yes, American citizens and not US citizens. “19659002] Trump’s call to the wall is rooted in xenophobia and racism Even at Ellis Island, health restrictions prevented some of their immigrants and discouraged millions of others.

Trump made the argument more graceful and pointed out that rich politicians built walls, fences and gates around their property not “because they hate pe ople on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside. “A backyard roof is not a prison wall.

In his speech, Trump was cautiously stressing that he was looking for better technology, more personal, humanitarian aid and changes in the asylum law, and” a physical barrier – at the request of Democrats, it will be a steel barrier rather than a concrete wall. “

In his reply, Nancy Pelosi admitted that” we must secure our borders “and Chuck Schumer said that” Democrats and the president want a stronger border security. “You may see these words as pointing to a deal. I do not.

Pelosi and Schumer insisted, without quoting evidence, that a wall is” ineffective “and” unnecessary. “Their party seems emotionally fixed to block a wall and impenetrable to arguments, although Trump, perhaps surprisingly, made a dignified and factual case that it needed to “protect our country.”

Government shutdowns, former headlines, seem less painful today (three-quarters of government funded Looks like deadlock.

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