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A screen protector of the iPhone SE 2 reveals its resemblance to the iPhone X


It seems that finally the iPhone SE 2 It’s taking shape. The amount of leaks that are occurring on the future compact smartphone brand make us think that your presentation is closer than ever. In fact, within a week the Apple smartphone could be unveiled in the WWDC 2018 which begins on June 4, where we will also know the iOS 12 news .

A few days ago a manufacturer of mobile accessories published some renderings that showed without any qualms the design of the iPhone SE 2 , betting on lines and forms similar to those of iPhone X , where we find a screen without borders and the famous notch at the top, which would indicate the presence of a more than possible Face ID.

A screen protector of the iPhone SE 2 reveals its resemblance to the iPhone X

Shortly afterwards, a compendium of images appeared on the Web that detailed the appearance of the back of the phone and confirmed that one of the colors in which it could be buy the iPhone SE 2 it will be the golden

Now a new image leaves us more details of the mobile, as the direct inheritance of the design of the current top of the range of Apple as well as a notch much smaller than what we can find today in the iPhone X.

Full screen with notch … smaller

This time it is the renowned leakster Sonny Dickson who, through Twitter, has shared an image that he claims belongs to the protector of iPhone SE 2 screen comparing it with a protector iPhone X screen in order to notice the differences in size between the two terminals, and the different design of the notch that we will find on the screen of Apple’s compact smartphone.

What we can see in the image is that the notch of the iPhone SE 2 e It’s considerably smaller than the notch of the iPhone X, just as the previous leaks have already suggested to this new image. And it is that at the beginning of last month Olixar affirmed that iPhone SE 2 will have an iPhone X type design . It was then alleged that the notch of the new mobile would be less than 2 cm wide, approximately half that of the iPhone X . Since the screen of the mobile would also be smaller, it is logical to notice this reduction in size.

Starting next week, when we expect to attend the presentation of the iPhone SE 2 , we can confirm or deny the inspiration in the iPhone X when developing the design of the new Apple phone.