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A powerful laser “porch light” can let foreigners know where we are

November 6, 2018 Science 3 Views If there are foreign astronomers in an adjacent solar system (on the exoplanets that…

If there are foreign astronomers in an adjacent solar system (on the exoplanets that circle Trappist-1, a star that is 40 light years or so), they can detect the signal from our little corner of the galaxy. The study suggests that we could also send a message with Morse code stamp with the laser using pulses.

Technical researchers would need to build such a four-wheel drive within practical reach. There is a 39-meter telescope under construction in Chile, for example, while the scraped US air force YAL-1

Airborne Laser (which could destroy mid-flight missiles) had the equivalent power for the laser that Clark says would be needed. [19659002] There are more practical problems like laser that damage your eyes if you looked directly at it – even if the beam would be invisible to the naked eye. The laser can also affect cameras on spacecraft passed through it. As such, Clark suggested that the installation of the laser system on the top of the moon would be the safest bet, although it is a lot more impractical.

But how is the turn of the equation? Could we discover a similar guy from another planet with our current technology? Well, yes, it would require a powerful enough telescope (ie a meter or greater) aimed at the exact source location. So it’s unlikely that things stand. Imaging tools used to study gases on exoplanets can, however, detect our porch’s porch as well, so there is a small chance that we may be able to invite them to coffee after all. Provided they do not destroy us first, that is to say.

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