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A mysterious device similar to the Chromecast with the Google logo goes through the FCC

It seems that surprises are looming in the Google hardware catalog. It has already been half a year since presenting…

It seems that surprises are looming in the Google hardware catalog. It has already been half a year since presenting your latest devices : the Pixel 2, accompanied by a Google Home Mini and a Max, a high-end Chromebook named Pixelbook, Google Clips, Pixel Buds and Daydream View. Now, the big G seems to be preparing to announce new gadgets who will be part of your family made by Google .

Through the FCC website, today we have early access to the manual of a mysterious device very s imilar a Google Chromecast, with Android Oreo inside and that would be controlled through a remote control . Also, thanks to this filtering we can take a look at its technical characteristics.

Does Google work on its own stick with Android TV?

Today, the clues obtained are not enough to confirm that, indeed, we are facing a Google device . It is possible – although unlikely – that it could be a counterfeit Google Chromecast similar to the many that exist in Stores like Amazon. However, the appearance of the device by the FCC makes us think that it could be one of the next releases of the Google hardware division.

The device itself, keeps a great physical resemblance to the second generation of the Chromecast , although with some other interesting addition. According to the FCC report , the product described as Android TV Stick 4K , is manufactured by Shenzhen SEI Robotics , a brand specialized in the creation of Sticks with Android TV or Android TV Box. This suggests a possible alliance of Google with the aforementioned company when creating the device.

Taking a look at its specifications, we find a technical section similar to that of Xiaomi Mi TV Box , with Amlogic S905X processor. 8 GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM . In addition, we see that the device in question arrives accompanied by a wireless controller, with button to invoke Google Assistant included , and again, the Google logo on the bottom.

Otherwise, it would work like any other stick with Android TV available in the market , connecting to a TV through the HDMI port, and obtaining power through the USB port. The maximum supported resolution would be 4K, and we will find support for most existing video formats. With this in mind, it would not be unreasonable to think that this was Google’s bid to compete with the Amazon Fire TV presented in September of last year 2017.

Google device

As I said, we still know very few details to confirm that we are in front of a Google device, although it would be curious to see how a brand – SEI Robotics, in this case – would have decided to pay for the certification of a device that is nothing more than a fake . We will remain attentive to any possible novelty related to the mysterious gadget , Y who knows if maybe we see it announced by Google during the I / O which will be held in the middle of next May.

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