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The notch, that eyebrow on the screen that has popularized the iPhone X horizontally, although the debut of the Essential Phone, runs like wildfire among Android phones. Today we have seen a new example, from a mid-range terminal, a Lenovo with notch .

Within a few days the new Lenovo Z5 , a mobile that could be the first without any front edge, occupying only 5% of the screen the front parts that are not screen.

There would be a Lenovo with notch on the way for the mid-range

Lenovo has been characterized so far by being little active in terms of integrating the notch on the screen of its terminals, especially taking into account the Lenovo Z5, a terminal that will feature a screen that will occupy 95% of the frontal , being practically all panel in its front, without edges and without notch. Well, now we have known a new image that reveals the lit screen of a mobile phone of the Chinese firm. Being in a dim environment, you can only see the screen on and clearly the top notch shape on the panel.

A mid-range Lenovo mobile is filtered with notch

A mid-range Lenovo mobile is filtered with notch

He Lenovo’s new terminal is the L78011 , and as you can see on the screen it would have the Snapdragon 636 processor , one of the most interesting mobile phones in the mid-range, and we see more and more terminals. This screen lets you know other interesting details of this terminal, such as that would have a 4GB RAM. In addition, storage would be 64GB. We can also check what your operating system would be, since the ZUI 3.9.253 layer is shown Android 8.1.0 Oreo , the latest version of the operating system.

A mid-range Lenovo mobile is filtered with notch

Lenovo Z5

In this way we are facing a new mid-range mobile of the Chinese that would have the notch on the screen as the most interesting aspect in its design. And in the aspect of performance would be more than well equipped, if we consider that mixture of Snapdragon 636 and 4GB of RAM. In any case, little else is known about this terminal, although the image no doubt makes it clear that the terminal is more than ready to reach the market. A new phone that confirms that the notch is here to stay , to the disappointment of many Android users who run away from it.