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A martyr and a fool

T His premise of Christianity is a bit crazy. The basic idea is that God's son is indeed an unemployed…

T His premise of Christianity is a bit crazy.

The basic idea is that God’s son is indeed an unemployed carpenter who wandered in the desert 2,000 years ago with a dozen random dudes. According to the converters, this handsome man was named in the sandals Jesus and was crucified, dead and buried. Three days later he rose from the dead and is now sitting at God’s right Father, the Almighty.

Invite him to your eternal soul: receive eternal life. Provide the world: do all peoples disciples. That is quite the essence of the most folklore religion, the one who created the world.

Do not get me wrong, there is plenty of evidence to support the argument that Jesus was Lord, not lunatic. The historical post. The several first hand witnesses. But perhaps one of the strongest arguments for Christianity is the martyrs who continue to die. Stephen was rocked. John Huss was burned on the stick. Nate Saint died at the end of a tribesman spear.

All are martyrs of Christ and their deaths, a testament to Christianity. Add to list John Allen Chau.

The 27-year-old missionary tried to connect with tribes on the North Sentinel Island and transform them into Christianity. The tribe is primitive, cut off from the rest of the world and hostile. He did not succeed.

According to restored writings, Chau tried to contact several times before returning to a kayak anchored just outside the beach. A tribesman attacked with a knife. Another shot an arrow on his Bible by looking through the pages of Isaiah’s book. Chau did not get discouraged. He writes in an entry that “this tribe of eternal life is [sic] at hand.” In another, his parents may think I’m crazy. “

Chau last seen on November 1

7. His lifeless body at the end of a rope dragged through the sand by a sentinel’s tribal arm. Lastly, he was right. Chau was crazy and it made him a martyr. a fool

Chau’s body melts somewhere on a tropical island as a result of his efforts. He did not do much of a plan. He had no support team. He could not even speak the language and instead called a few lines Xhosa, a South African dialect Talented thousands of miles away, at first contact. In short, he needed a miracle that never came.

Sentinelese has a reputation for hostility to third parties. A fisherman was killed in 2006 when his boat accidentally ran into land. Chau was just the latest.

Of course, it did not have to be this. Chau could have followed examples of Saint and Company, for example, as mentioned in the book Through Gates of Splendor. The more rational missionaries slowly and incrementally contacted the Waodani tribe in Ecuador and learned the language before sharing the Gospel. They ended up martyrs, yes, but they did not kill their lives. Chau, on the other hand, was dead the moment he walked on the beach.

Now the international community is fighting whether they should restore the remains. Initial efforts have met resistance on and off the island. The strains have declined a recovery group and experts warn that further contact could actually judge the strains because their immune system is not equipped to remove modern microbes.

Chau’s example is still inspiring. He was wrong to risk everything so ruthlessly. He was entitled to love the sentinel tribe, men and women whom he had never met. Chau believed in Scripture. In one way he was crazy. Perhaps his body should remain on the island as a testament to the fact.

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