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A man and his baby: A desperate bid to enter the United States

It was mid-night on Thursday at the border between the US and Mexico, next to the first of two US…

It was mid-night on Thursday at the border between the US and Mexico, next to the first of two US border fences that separated Tijuana from San Diego and an Associated Press photographer was there to capture the moment the man who kept his toddler close decided to take a chance, looking for a different, better life than he had back in Honduras or in a gloomy, overwhelming shelter in Tijuana. He knew he was likely to be arrested, but it seemed to be the risk of seeking asylum in the United States

As Mexican officials are trying to relocate the more than 6,000 central Americans packed into the outdoor sports complex next to the border of a plant 10 miles (15 kilometers ) from the nearest junction, desperation has been mounted among the migrants who arrived in Tijuana for more than two weeks then.

Several immigrants swam around or climbed over the border carrier overnight and quickly got there.

But the young man, his son bumped up at night, chill in a jacket, leggings and boots, waited and when he saw an opportunity he climbed across the border barrier as people on the Mexican side held their son and handed the child through the bars. After a quick look back, he disappeared into the night and walked up a slope towards a second barrier wall in the United States.

Not far away at another part of the border crossing, six men and one woman jumped or slipped across the border barrier in Tijuana and were quickly detained by US customs and border guards.

Another Honduran man made a deeper decision. He tried to swim on the American side but quickly became in trouble in the Pacific.

A Mexican rescue team drove with violence the wet man in land after he apparently wanted to make another attempt and put him in an ambulance.

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