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A funny mistake in the Google app shows all your messages when you should not

A funny mistake in the Google app shows all your messages when you should not

Ahas discovered a most curious error in the Google application when making a simple query through the search bar. He bug in question, it causes the application to show each and every one of the user’s text messages as if the search results were treated, even though the query made at first has nothing to do with the messages stored on the phone .

And even more curious, is that the error is not limited to a single type of search. Although the original user reported having discovered the problem through the query “” , other members of the famous forum have been able to replicate the operation of the ruling through other queries that seem to simulate, for some strange reason, the search “show me my text messages” .

This is the error of the Google app that shows all your messages

While it is not a critical failure , that is going to put in danger the privacy of the users – at the end of the day, as I said, the consultations only seem to be simulating the operation of another already existing in the system-, if we are facing a curious error, that sooner or later It should be corrected by Google through an update of the search engine app.

The discovery, carried out by the aforementioned Reddit user, has occurred by mere chance: when trying to access the web of a musical group, “”, an error at the time of entering the address has led to write “”. This search has triggered the “show me my text messages” command in the Google app, and the application has captured all the text messages stored on the device . The rest of users, have been able to carry out the same procedure through searches like “Vizela viagens”, “Zela viagens”, and practically any query with the word “viagens” at the end. Curious, is not it?

It has been possible to verify that it is an error that affects all devices, as long as they have the default language in English , and they are using the latest version of the Google application. Therefore, it is likely that Google will end up solving the problem with future versions of the application. However, as I said, it is not a very serious error in terms of security, nor does it look like it will endanger the privacy of users.