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A curious Android P bug puts your privacy at risk


An application involves many lines of code, but when we talk about something like an operating system the number of lines of code that need to be reviewed is enormous even for a company with Google resources. That’s why a stranger has just been discovered failure in Android P that, although it is not very serious, it could put our privacy at some risk.

This bug or “glitch” as it is also called in the world, would have been discovered by a user of Reddit by pure chance, and is related to the search bar of Android P.

How to see your sms thanks to this bug in Android P

It is not that we are facing something very worrying for several reasons. The first of all is that the bug we’re going to talk about requires using the Android P launcher , and the second is that to be able to take advantage of this failure, it is required that the user has physical access to the smartphone unlocked

So that, only for those cases in which we have restricted access to the SMS application of our smartphone with Android P (or with its launcher) and we have left our device to someone, that person could see our sms.

The failure in Android P is something as simple as type “” , which is nothing more than website of a rock band to which an extra point has been added by mistake.

What was the surprise of this user who saw that by wrongly typing the web address he was looking for, he was shown his sms and the ability to answer them , similar to when using the “show me my text messages” command.

This bug has been tried to be reproduced with other similar web addresses as,, and and none of them has given this result, so it is curious that it happens with that address, and we do not know if it is a code error or an Easter egg placed there by some more “Geek” programmer of the account that he thought that no one would ever discover.

A curious Android P bug puts your privacy at risk

As we say, this failure in Android P is not especially serious given the very low expansion of Android P and the circumstances so concrete that it requires to be exploited, but if by chance you are concerned that someone read your SMS (which almost never contain something too intimate ), you can always deactivate the permission to access the SMS in the Google settings.

To finish, mention that although this bug was found using a smartphone Google Pixel , but that has also been tested with a OnePlus 6 and a Pixel 2 XL with Android P and in all of them they have been able to reproduce it, so it is clear that it is something inherent in the Android P launcher more than a device itself.