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A closer look at the new captain Marvel Trailer: Skrulls, Secrets, and Soft Cats

With the arrival of Captain Marvel 's second trailer there is a lot to see and a cavalcade of new…

With the arrival of Captain Marvel ‘s second trailer there is a lot to see and a cavalcade of new information about how Marvel’s most powerful captain will finally reach the big screen for the first time. Let’s come in with a breakdown of the new movie, shall we?

What’s usually the case with early trailers, like this, presents most of what appears, with just enough context to keep things in touch with mystery. But what the trailer lacks in clear details, it’s more than dealing with some really beautiful pictures of Brie Larson’s Carol who kicks all kinds of ass.

While most of this train shot was in the first Captain Marvel trailer, Marvel seems to have picked up the mild alarm caused by Carol stopping the hell from an old woman. This time it is clear that the woman is a Skull in disguise, one who is very capable of going to the toe with the ahem-noble warrior hero.

What’s interesting about Carol telling Nick Fury about her life as Kree Warrior is that she truly believes she is from the Kree homeworld, despite the fact that the trailer also shows us some glimpses of Carol’s past life on earth.

Annette Bening’s yet unnamed character finally clears at least some of the questions about Carol’s transformation that imbues her with her superpowers by declaring that her Kree-ness comes from a life-saving transfusion of extraterrestrial blood, a small rework of her origins in Marvels series. According to Ben’s character, Kree chose to accept Carol as one of her own, partly because her amnesia state enabled them to effectively recreate her in her image, but what remains to be seen is how prominent the woman is actually with Carol.

If you notice the sequence of shots in the trailer, it becomes less clear what the exact timeline of events that leads to Carol’s transformation is. Although we are supposed to think Carol only gets her power after the transfusion (which probably happens in the Kree home world), there are pictures of her bleed blue while still wearing Air Force jumpsuit, which makes it less obvious when in The movie this scene takes place.

This would of course not be a true captain Marvel film about Carol’s mohawk did not make an epic look and memorable or not, we will look good at the pilot’s skills as she takes a vintage SHIELD Quinjet out for a test run. As an action pack as the trailer, it is also a solid job to determine how much of the film will focus on the power structures of various plan military, something that serves as a reflection of Karolis identity complexes.

What we see of Jude Law’s character presents an interesting picture of a mentor who, despite the fact that he probably believed in Carol, still goes out of his way to tell her that she is not as strong as she thinks she is Suggest that the two will fall out during the film.

The trailer also gives us a new look at Skrull’s led by Ben Mendelsohns Talos &#821

1; who, unknown to Nick Fury, has been posing as SHIELD agent for some time and served as his head in the organization. In spite of all the sounds that Marvel did about wanting to make sure that MCU’s Skrulls did not resemble Thanos too much (see: they chin), they … kind of do? There’s nothing to worry about, considering that it’s more than likely that most of Skrull’s movie will use its shapeshifting forces to scratch around without being detected.

Really, the whole point of this second trailer boils down to the last two shots of Carol who zoomed around in space and introduced Nick Fury to her cat, Goose . In the series, the cat’s name is “Chewie” and there is more to him than meets the eye.

Considering that Marvel’s efforts have been constantly increased with each movie until the Infinity War studio really had its game with captain Marvel. Judging by the fact that we will see Carol blowing whole navy warlords into smithereens with their energy-projective abilities, it is sure that the film will do it and then some.

Captain Marvel meets the theaters March 2019.

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