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A 14-year oil spill No talk of becoming one of the worst in US history

Oil spill BP Deepwater Horizon 2010 2010 has become the decisive picture of the environmental hazards associated with offshore oil…

Oil spill BP Deepwater Horizon 2010 2010 has become the decisive picture of the environmental hazards associated with offshore oil drilling. But far from the television cameras and public upheaval, a lesser known oil spill is underway at the moment and it has the potential to be the worst in US history.

The “Taylor leak” began bleeding oil in the Gulf of Mexico about 16 kilometers off the coast of Louisiana 2004 after Hurricane Ivan caused a mammoth submarine circuit. About 14 years, with only nine of the 25 leaky wells connected, it still spits tens of thousands of liters of oil in the bay every day.

The amount of oil is still a matter of conflict and privacy, but most estimates suggest that it will be one of the worst offshore disasters in American history, as Washington Post reports.

A major investigation of Associated Press (AP) in 201

5 showed that oil leakage was much worse – over 20 times worse in terms of oil volume – than Taylor Energy had originally reported. A recent AP report has said that a court application filed by federal government proposes between 37,000 and 113,000 liters (8,140 to 24,860 liters) of oil leaks daily from several wells around a drilling platform. The federal lawyers cite a report from a researcher who studied satellite images of the area and sampled oil on the site.

The oil situation Deepwater Horizon released 134 million gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico over 87 days. As a direct result of oil contamination, NOAA researchers concluded that Deepwater Horizon killed thousands of marine mammals and sea turtles, besides polluting their habitats.

“The Taylor leak is just a good example of what I call a dirty little secret in plain sight,” John Amos, president of SkyTruth, an environmental watchdog that has monitored the slots via satellite, told AP AP AP ]2015.

Remarkably, the public only found out about the leak in 2010 when people surveying the Deepwater Horizon oil situation noticed an odd oil spill in satellite images of the area. Even after they appeared they recorded the game scale and claimed that the leakage photos were misleading.

Taylor Energy is now discontinued. Four years after the company’s founder died in 2004, the company decided to sell all its energy assets to Samsung C & T Corporation and Korea National Oil Corporation. A $ 666 million trust was established to pay for leakage work, but there is now a legal dispute about the remaining $ 423 million left unused.

Meanwhile the oil continues to flow.

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