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9 tips for taking photos TOP by the hand of one of the most famous photographers in the world

We all like to take pictures – especially to us, because we have opened an Instagram account -. Mobile cameras…

9 tips for taking photos TOP by the hand of one of the most famous photographers in the world

We all like to take pictures – especially to us, because we have opened an Instagram account -. Mobile cameras have evolved tremendously over the years, to the point that we have smartphones capable of taking nocturnal photos with spectacular quality. However, photography, as art that is, it does not depend only on the equipment you use , but of technique and creativity.

Have the device you have, use the camera you use, you can make visually attractive photos if you know the tricks and proper rules , And who better to teach you these tricks than Steve McCurry himself! For those who do not know, McCurry is one of the most famous photographers on the planet, and surely you know him by the photo of the green-eyed Afghan girl. From his hand, and the Cooperativa de Fotografía (COOPH), these tricks come . They are all very simple, and you will love it.

The best tricks to make better photos

1. Frame following the law of thirds

The grid of the camera is not there to decorate . Activate it and place the subjects of the photo in the cut points generated by the lines. These are the points of interest , those that call the attention of the eye and those that, therefore, make the photo more attractive technically and visually speaking.

2. Use the natural lines

The view tends to follow lines , so a good idea to make better photos is to take advantage of the lines that the scene offers you. An easy example would be the tracks of a train or the path of a forest. These natural lines will guide the look and make your photo stand out more.

3. Take advantage of the diagonals

In the same way that following the natural lines is a good idea, another trick is follow the diagonals of the scene . These serve to generate movement and tension in the image, and can help you to make a simple and simple photo have more life.

4. Frame the scene with natural frames

Another trick that McCurry offers us is take advantage of frames, doors and windows to frame the scenes. This is not just a more original way of taking photos, but a good strategy to offer the viewer another point of view.

5. Play with contrasts

The simplest example is with a black and white photo. These tend to be more attractive to the extent that there is a lot of contrast between the illuminated and dark scenes. In the example that you have above you can check it perfectly, do you see how the person contrasts -in black- with the white background?

6. Fill in the scene

This trick is essential for portraits. If you want to draw attention to a person’s face, The best thing is that it occupies most of the photo. If you add a nice bokéh effect to this, you will get a top photo.

7. Focus the eye

When you frame a portrait, try to make one of the eyes is in the center of the image . That generates an effect that gives the feeling that the person in the photo is watching you, and it is a good trick to get a greater visual impact!

8. Look for patterns

The human eye loves patterns , so give the eye what it wants. Look for scenes that have repetitive elements, either because of the shape of the element, its color or its placement. This type of photos work really well, although the ones that break the pattern work better.

9. Do not forget the symmetry

Like the patterns, the symmetry is pleasing to the eye . Look for scenes that have symmetry, either horizontally or vertically, and try to divide the photo into two, so that both parts appear as a reflection of each other.

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