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6 way kisses can make their farewell Tour Incredible – Rolling Stone

The Kiss of the Road Tour may be three months away, but it has not prevented them from telling the…

The Kiss of the Road Tour may be three months away, but it has not prevented them from telling the public what to expect from the show. In a series of interviews, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley promised an expanded set of lists and a completely revised stage set. “We have virtually thrown out everything that has been on stage for the past 10 years, creating a whole new scene and a whole new show,” says Paul Stanley. “We do not crawl to the finish line. We celebrate.”

But there are still lots of long-term questions. Here are six things we hope they will consider making the show really special for their fans for a long time.

Create a Rotary Set List
Like many arenas rock bands of his time, Kiss has always wanted to create a single set of list and stick to it during a whole tour. When working with pyro, harness and other technical features it is much easier when things stay exactly the same from night to night. It is said that many fans probably want to see more than one concert and it would be great if there was at least some variation built into the show. It was unmatched, but a farewell tour is the perfect time to throw out the old rulebook.

Play the album
Kiss has made almost all kinds of tournaments possible except where they play their classic albums. Why not play a series of special gigs where they play Alive! Destroyer and Love Gun straight through? Paul Stanley has said they are planning to perform longer exhibits than they have in recent years, so it would still give them plenty of time to play hits that were not on a particular album.

Return Ace Frehley [19659004] Nothing the group could do would please the hardcore fans more than bring back original guitarist Ace Frehley. This seemed like an impossible proposal a few years ago, but he just finished a trip abroad with Gene Simmons where they shared the scene every night and seemed like old chums. Ace is more than capable of going back in its old makeup and playing its parts. “The only way I seriously consider it is if I brought back my makeup and suit and my character – as I designed,” he recently told Vintage Rock . “Tommy Thayer is not a bad guitar player, but he basically mimics everything I wrote and tries to emulate my persona.” This leads us to our next proposal.

Ditch Tommy Thayer
We do not mean any disrespect against Tommy Thayer, who is really an excellent guitarist. He has been a loyal member of Kiss for many years now, so it seems strange that Gene and Paul and Geneva would understand very reluctant to even consider it. As said, how can Ace possibly come back? He is behind him while some other guys carry their signature makeup and play a set that are just songs from their time? They will play “Love Gun” and he will be in his dressing room that plays backgammon? He would just come out for the encore? If he is out of hand he will be next to his own impersonator. If he is in the makeup there will be two Spacemen. That would be crazy. Unfortunately, the only way this works if Thayer leaves. It’s always the risk you take when replacing an iconic member of a band. The original will return and you will be out of work.

Give Peter Criss a very prominent role
As Ace Frehley has said, age 72, it would probably be very difficult for Criss to play drums two hours a night for months at the end. That does not mean he can not be on the tour. In the same way as Alan White on the last Yes tour, he can come out for encores every night and drum some songs. He can also sing “Beth”. Each show should end with the original quartet on the stage. There are apparently innumerable ego, legal and financial issues to wade through, but they should find a way to do it for the fans. We’re just talking about old friends who play a lot of old songs that people love. It should not be so complicated.

Finding room for Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent
Visan will of course focus strongly on the band’s 70’s, but there should be some space to commemorate the music they did during the 1980s and early 1990s. The fans love Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent, and it would be great to see them on stage in some form of capacity. Vinnie’s decision to try to brand the name “Vinnie Vincent’s Kiss” will not fight him against Kiss or their lawyers, but if he moves away from the bad thought maybe they would be able to welcome him back. Imagine if Ankh Warrior played a couple of songs with Kiss in full makeup? Kiss Army would go crazy.

(Note: We realize that most of these scenarios are extremely long shots to express the least. We will strive to see Ace back on stage with the band for at least one song on a show. Let’s start with that.)

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