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6 exercises to accelerate the metabolism

You are determined to lose all those extra kilos that bother you when you see the mirror . Are holidays…

You are determined to lose all those extra kilos that bother you when you see the mirror . Are holidays coming and you want to show off a magazine body?

We know that there is a long list of exercises, but there are always some suitable ones especially for you.

That’s why we decided to bring the best exercises to accelerate the metabolism so you can have the body you want so much.

Exercises to accelerate the metabolism

Remember that before performing any type of exercise, however simple it may seem, you must perform a previous warm up, so that your muscles are in conditions and you do not suffer injuries .

1. Heel lift

6 exercises to accelerate the metabolism

Exercise is extremely easy, something that you can do at any time and anywhere in your home, so there are no excuses. The first thing you should do, is to stand with your back completely straight.

  • Without bending your back, lift your heels towards your gluteal muscles, as if you were jogging but not moving from the same point.
  • The idea is that you start this exercise slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

2. Circuits with speed

This is an exercise a little more elaborate than the previous one, since you are going to need some small cones or another element that you have at your disposal.

  • There must be at least 5 objects, and you have to place them at a suitable distance that allows you to go through them in a zigzag way with speed .
  • To add difficulty to the exercise and be much more effective, you can go past them and touch them and then run in reverse.

3. Lizards

It is a very simple exercise, it requires a place with a flat surface where you can do it. And besides, it’s a strength exercise which is ideal for accelerating metabolism.

  • To do it you must lie on the floor and lift your body in deadlift .
  • You must use your hands, fully extended on the floor, and the tip of your feet.

In some places it is known as making plates. The ideal is make series of repetitions that you should increase , as your strengths also increase.

4. Bring your knees to your chest

6 exercises to accelerate the metabolism

6 exercises to accelerate the metabolism

To perform this exercise spread a small mat on a flat surface and lie down back on the floor.

  • Once in this position, place the hands behind the neck, interlaced, so that they do not come loose.
  • Now you must bend the knees until they touch the chest .
  • For this exercise to be effective you must repeat it, at least, for one minute.
  • Then lower your legs and make a few taps on your abdomen while you rest a few minutes and then start a new session.

5. Jump rope

This is an extremely easy exercise that you have practiced since childhood, without knowing that it is excellent for your body. You’re just going to need a rope and the provision.

  • In principle you should start doing jumps with your feet together , trying to get your knees to touch the chest .
  • Then you can add difficulty and jump first on one leg and then on the other for 30 seconds.

You can perform this exercise anywhere in your house, at any time of the day.

6. Dancing

6 exercises to accelerate the metabolism

6 exercises to accelerate the metabolism

Another exercise that you can include in your day is dancing. Of course, you must provide intensity movements, so that your muscles work more.

  • The important is that keep moving and your muscles contract while you do it.

Remember that to perform the exercises It is essential that you have perseverance and repeat them every day , with the best possible arrangement. Also, do not forget to drink enough water, it is always important to stay hydrated.

With these exercises to accelerate the metabolism, fat loss will be faster and more effective than you thought. In addition, you can adapt an exercise routine to your daily activities in the comfort of your home, you do not need to spend hours in a gym.

So, stop sedentary lifestyle and the bad habits and get to work to keep your body healthy and in good physical condition . Follow these exercises and in a short time you will have the desired body.

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