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6 Easy Steps To Get Soft And Smooth Legs

Do you want soft and smooth legs !! Try these genius tricks once. Trust me! You will amazed by the…

Do you want soft and smooth legs !! Try these genius tricks once. Trust me! You will amazed by the results…

Now, summer is coming! Everybody wants to wear mini-skirts, hot pant and bikini to enjoy it. But, your whole outfit ruins by your hairy legs, and is very embarrassing. Soft and smooth legs attract anyone and admire you. It gives you a sexy and attractive look and enhances your beauty.

Steps to make your legs soft and smooth :

Step 1 :

Select the temperature water :

Before doing anything, make sure the shower (or bath) is warm to open pores. It gives you a closer shave. Avoid to use hot water, because it can dry out your skin and increase the risk of razor burn.

Step 2 :

Exfoliate your legs :

To remove the dead skin cells and align your hairs, it’s important to use a loofah and an exfoliating cream. Exfoliating helps to reduce of getting ingrown hairs. It also helps your skin clear and your leg hairs will be as exposed as possible for a close shave.

Step 3 :

Apply shaving cream :

Apply a light layer of shaving cream over your leg. If you apply too thick layer of the cream, then it can clog your razor.

  • If you have allergy from shaving cream, then you can use soap, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, or shower gel.

Step 4 :

Shave your legs :

Use a new, fresh, branded razor to shave your legs. Don’t shave your legs with a dull razor. It cause friction and will cause shaving bumps.

  • Shave up your legs, against the grain for a close shave. It reduces the risk of bumps and burn.
  • After each stroke, rinse the razor under a stream of water.

Step 5 :

Rinse your legs :

Rinse your legs with cold water. It will close the pores.

  • Pat your legs dry.
  • Don’t rub your legs vigorously.

Step 6 :

Apply moisturizer :

If you have particularly dry skin, use a thick moisturizer, such as body butter. Apply a thick layer of this moisturizer on your legs. If you don’t apply it, then the hair starts to grow back it will feel rough and unpleasant.

  • Apply the moisturizer with your soft hand.
  • Rub it gently in circular motion.

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