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50 percent of all war in EVE Online is started by just 5 groups

Conflict is the lifeblood of EVE Online, but how the players initiate a war is a serious problem. Currently, 50…

Conflict is the lifeblood of EVE Online, but how the players initiate a war is a serious problem. Currently, 50 percent of all EVE Online wars are launched by only five companies (EVE version of guilds) who use the system to sow pain and chaos over the new Eden Eden. There has been such a problem that CCP Games, during the annual Las Vegas fan assembly, announced a series of changes in how war was declared and fought in EVE.

To understand the problem, you must understand how war works in EVE Online. When you read about EVE Online’s huge, server-splitting battles, alliances occur in game-owned territories within Nullsec space where there is no team. Players are free to kill each other as they wish. In the Highsec area, a police force, CONCORD patrols calls the forest and punishes players who open fire to others unnecessarily unless you confuse CONCORD to see the other way, that is to say.

EVE players can purchase and issue formal war declarations on other players’ companies. Whether you like it or not, if someone declares war on you, they can find and kill you anywhere in EVE without consequence. For years, this system has been utilized by some groups that seem like a kind of mafia shaking down much weaker, industrially-oriented companies and forcing them into a war, they are not in a position to win. While EVE is a sandbox designed to have as few limitations as possible, forced into a battle you have no chance of winning or flying from is a special kind of hell. Even if players release their business and start over with a new banner, there is nothing to stop their aggressors from just declaring war against them again.

KPW means kills per war, with defenders who only score a 0.034 pitch.

Therefore, creative director Bergur Finnbogason, better known as the “CCP Burger” of players, created the scene to address the problem. During his presentation, Burger revealed that only five companies throughout EVE Online are responsible for 50 percent of official war declarations. And that these bullying destroyed 1

05 ships for all whom they lost. Not only that, in all these thousands of war of depression, only 4 percent of defenders could make a single death.

Highsec players are usually new players or treat EVE much more casual than their hardcore fan base, creating a serious imbalance. But CCP Burger says his team noted that when the defending company had its own citadel star, EVE’s version of a space fortune, it performed 48 times better than its defenseless comrades. So, from December, war can only be declared on companies that own a citadel star.

It’s just the beginning but. By the beginning of 2019, CCP Games will recover the war clearance system from scratch to eliminate this type of trolling. It’s just an interesting niche game in the EVE Online universe, although these warriors are basically just big jerks.

We are at EVE Vegas all weekend so stay up to date for more coverage.

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