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5 thoughts about Buffalo Bill's decision to release WR Kelvin Benjamin

Kelvin Benjamin was a polarizing figure for Buffalo Bill's throughout his short career with the team. Bills (4-8) landed Benjamin…

Kelvin Benjamin was a polarizing figure for Buffalo Bill’s throughout his short career with the team.

Bills (4-8) landed Benjamin at the trade season during the 2017 season. The team and fans quickly embraced him as if he was seen as the playoff in the jail for the team’s offense that would make them the after-season.

They were, after all, 5-2 overall at that time. [19659002] Just over a year later, Benjamin is likely to be a freelance before the end of his rookie contract after he was a first round on the 2014 NFL Draft. All he needs to do now is clear exceptions.

The reaction to Benjamin’s release was almost a sense of relief from the fan base. It’s a big change in just over a year.

The move by General Manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott is nothing but a shock. The move was met with a “wow” from the Ian Rapoport NFL Network on Twitter.

There are plenty of food for the thought here, so here are five thoughts about Bill’s decision to release Benjamin:

As mentioned earlier Bills were traded for Benjamin at the trade-off on the way to their first post-season night in 1

7 seasons. His arrival had the same impact on the fan base as his departure made: tension. In 18 matches with the bills, Benjamin has never lived up to his contract.

During that time Benjamin only took 39 passes for 571 meters and two touchdowns of 89 total goals. To Benjamin’s defense, he suffered damage quickly in his career with Buffalo. In his second match with the team, he took a 20-minute pass from quarterback Nathan Peterman. It was the first pass for Peter’s famous five-miss trip. It was the only Benjamin who took the game because Benjamin injured his knee and gave him two bad knees.

Earlier in his career, Benjamin missed a whole season with a demolished ACL. Benjamin played through the second injury, but his hands eventually hit him. The knee injuries may have, and can still cause him trouble, get separation from defenders, but for many times Benjamin did not catch catches that should clearly have been caught, which then left his effort in doubt.

What was mixed with a blue-collar fan base was a recipe for disaster.

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