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5 Simple Tips to Get Toned Abs

1. Proper Diet The number 1 key to getting your six pack abs is proper diet.  Abs are not only…

1. Proper Diet

The number 1 key to getting your six pack abs is proper diet.  Abs are not only made in the gym, it’s also made in the kitchen.

Exercise and proper nutrition should go together. Things to consider – eat protein rich food, take small frequent meals and limit fat consumption.  Tweak your diet while increasing energy output to get your wanted results.

2. Cardio / Aerobic Exercise

Running, biking, rowing, brisk walking – these are some of the things you could do each day to improve not only your overall health but also your waistline.

Cardio is an excellent way to burn calories. A great start could be 30-45 minutes of cardio three to four times week. But of course, if you do more cardio results will show faster. This is proven to be very effective at strengthening your core while reducing belly fat.

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3. Good Posture

Do not slouch! Whether sitting, standing or walking, never slouch.

Your posture has a great impact on your muscle development, metabolism and distortion of the body. Good posture can be achieved by not bending at the spine. There are also several benefits of good posture like improved energy levels, less prone to injury, less lower back pain and more.

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4. Multi-joint Exercise

Flat abs can’t be accomplished by doing a thousand crunches a day.

Crunches are good but you have to also develop strength around your core. You will not achieve flat stomach by just working on your abs in isolation. Total body movements are necessary to achieve lean and ripped abs.

5. Drink plenty of water

Hydration is important. Drinking water increases your metabolic rate and makes you feel fuller so you’ll eat less.

Another thing it does is flush out excess sodium to prevent your belly to bloat. All of these benefits will lead you to your ultimate goal of having a flat stomach. Best to take three to four liters daily or more for hardcore trainers.


To succeed in your quest to well-toned abs you must exercise intelligently and do the right kind of diet. This means doing total body exercise and eating right. It is achievable! All you have to do is to get up and do it.
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