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5 observations from a loss of Redskin's loss in Dallas

Redskins fell to the cowboys 31-23 but the final result does not tell the whole truth. Washington held the game…

Redskins fell to the cowboys 31-23 but the final result does not tell the whole truth. Washington held the game close in 40 minutes, but then an inability to make simple tackles could lead to three straight Dallas points.

The loss means a lot, because Dallas is now tied to Washington for first place in the NFC East. 19659002] There is a lot to pack up.

1. Starting on the Ground: Cowboys offensivize on the star who drives back Ezekiel Elliott. In a Redskins victory against Dallas last month, the defense restricted Elliott to 33 meters, a true triumph. In this game Elliott could not be stopped. Throughout the third quarter he had rushed for almost 100 meters and was on average almost 6 meters per berry. When Elliott goes, the cowboys begin to go.

2. Trade Work: Jerry Jones placed his team without any real talent at wide recipients to start the season. That was a real problem. After that, Dallas acted for Amari Cooper before the trade break gave a first round in the process. The deal got lampooned for Dallas to give up too much, but against Redskins, Cooper was well worth the heavy price.

The former University of Alabama star proved to be in height for Redskins secondary and seized eight catches for 1

80 meters and two touchdowns. Seriously, look at that line: 8/180/2. It’s Moss-Ian. Cooper opened the game and forced Washington’s defensive playing field to focus on him, helping Zeke to run.

3. No turkeys: Coming in the competition, Dallas lost every game as they had a turnover. This trend was held, as the Cowboys won and did not have any sales. The redskins, on the other hand, had a lot. Colt McCoy threw three interceptions and had a number of other balls that Cowboy’s players had a chance to grab. More about Colt later.

Redskin’s defense has flourished in creating tajts, and the team could really have used one on Thanksgiving in Dallas.

4. Higher Higher Lower Falls: Going from Alex Smith to Colt McCoy would be an adaptation to Redskin’s crime. Smith was a very reliable smart player. He rarely made mistakes but he rarely made big games as well. McCoy is very different. In just his first start of the year he joined Vernon Davis on a 53-yard touchdown.

The game immediately became the longest pass of the year’s red leather. But the pickings were bad, and if Josh Doctson did not make a passport, McCoy had four INTs. McCoy moves the ball well in Redskins crime, but sometimes he also tries things he should not do. He also fumbled on a bag, but Redskins recovered.

5th A Piece Pie: What about some good news? There were some. Trey Quinn did some great games and had a really good score. Preston Smith had a monster game and the pass rush got a good deal of pressure on Dak Prescott. Tress Way just keeps balling. Jordan Reed went again for 60+ meters. In 40 minutes it looked like a good game for Washington, and lots of players had a role in it.

These guys deserve some credit.


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