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In the recent years, we have started to hear about campaigns advocating for mental health on social media. We have…

In the recent years, we have started to hear about campaigns advocating for mental health on social media. We have started to encounter real life stories on depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and mood swings, we have also started to see small TV segments with psychiatrist, therapist and psychologist to tackle the matter more professionally.

Although a lot of people have taken upon their shoulders to raise awareness on that serious sensitive matter, the majority of Egyptians are still skeptical about the importance of mental health.

Here are the reasons why

The Stigma:

We’ve grown up in a culture where only the legit crazy ones go to psychiatrist, and by legit crazy I mean the ones who totally lost their minds, suffer with hallucination or walk around murdering people. The stigma that follows people who seek professional help for a better life is insane. In spite of the fact that some people now are aware of the importance of mental health, a lot of individuals keep their weekly visits to a therapist or psychiatrist a secret.

Expressing Feelings:

I don’t believe that we were raised to express our feelings freely, we always get judged for it. If you are a girl, you will be told you are too dramatic; if you are a guy who expressed his feelings of depression, you would be called to man up. We are not educated enough or at all of what feelings are considered normal and what requires professional help.

Religious background:

There is no doubt that our culture is best known for its religious and conservative views. However, basing mental health on religious views isn’t entirely right. A lot of mental health cases require medications, sessions and a long-term treatment. Prayers are spiritual; however, medications might be required for a better mental health.

Lack of Awareness:

As I mentioned earlier, we have absolutely no education on mental health and illness, what is supposed to feel normal and what requires medical attention. Plus, we are not aware of the differences between a psychologist, psychiatrist and a therapist. In brief, a psychologist and a psychiatrist can diagnose cases more and determine the right treatment and medications, while a therapist help patients to make decisions and offer support and guidance.

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