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5 Food-Related Habits You Need to Quit Now!

Every one of us has their bad habits and ridding one’s self of such habits can be difficult for some.…

Every one of us has their bad habits and ridding one’s self of such habits can be difficult for some. Still, when it comes to health, you need to be determined and go the extra mile. Because despite the huge increase of people leading healthy lifestyles, many people still have bad food-related habits which could lead to serious issues. We brought you 5 bad food habits that you must quit immediately!

Not having breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and not having it could slow down metabolism which subsequently causes gaining weight; for studies have shown that skipping breakfast leads to eating larger amounts of food later because breakfast gives you the energy you need during the day.

Being distracted during meal time

Doing extra activities while eating leads to consuming larger amounts. You need to make meal times for food only, not to watch TV, use your mobile phone or communicate with your friends in the process.

Late night meals

You probably have heard of this, for it’s the first piece of advice anyone gives you when you want to lose weight. Don’t eat anything after dinner and if you really felt the need to, go for something light like vegetables or fruits.


Many people resort to food after a bad tiring day to get some comfort, what they don’t know is, the feeling of comfort one gets from food is temporary, hence leading to consuming more during short periods of time. If you had a bad day, please stay away from the kitchen. Do something soothing like taking a walk or seeing a good friend.

Not specifying food portions

Don’t eat chips or cookies straight from the package because after some time you’ll be surprised that you’ve finished the whole pack unaware. All you need to do is specify the portion you want to consume whether during regular meals or snacking, then place the amount consistent with your diet in a plate and don’t add to it.

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