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5 Fitness Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Trying to squeeze exercise inside a busy day for stay at home moms seems to be very difficult. But there…

Trying to squeeze exercise inside a busy day for stay at home moms seems to be very difficult. But there are several ways to stay fit and active even when you are busy taking care of your children at home.

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Play Games With Your Children

There are plenty of indoor activities you can do with your kids that will not only benefit them but you as well.

If you have no idea what games to play, just search for Indoor Gross Motor Games and you’ll find some fun and creative games that you and your family will surely enjoy doing.

Sign in to Stream Workouts

No more need to spend money on enrolling classes or in a gym.

With the free workouts available in the internet, you can work out anytime, anywhere. Some of these even comes with daily reminders to encourage you to stay active. You could try these during your kids nap time.

Exercise With Your Kids

Your kids can be your best exercise partners! Kids sure do love to mimic the things they see adult does so why not try it with exercises.

Here are some of the simple things you can do together – planking, squats, push-ups, crunches, lunges, side leg raises, burpees, mountain climbers and more. Make sure to make these exercises fun for them so they will look forward to doing it each day.

Run The Stairs

Flat abs can’t be accomplished by doing a thousand crunches a day.

Crunches are good but you have to also develop strength around your core. You will not achieve flat stomach by just working on your abs in isolation. Total body movements are necessary to achieve lean and ripped abs.

Take Your Kids to The Park

Try to work out outdoors! Those playgrounds meant for kids could also be beneficial for you.

So why not make the most out of it while your kids are playing. You may also exercise by running with the kids or riding a bike with them.

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Being on duty as mom each day does not mean you cannot work out! There surely is an opportunity to exercise in your normal everyday routine. You just need always open your eyes and think of creative ways to stay fit.


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