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5 Android apps you should not miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

December 8, 2018 Technology 0 Views Welcome to the 272th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines…

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Welcome to the 272th edition of Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • Microsoft has some big plans for Microsoft Edge. First of all, it replaces EdgeHTML for the much more popular Chromium. Microsoft claims that the change helps them release more updates and work better across the platform. The good news is that it can enable some serious developments to support MacOS. However, it also means that Chrome has gobbled up yet another competitor. Opera also uses Chromium as a base for its operation as well. In any case, you can hit the link to learn more.
  • Google’s chat program has a pretty bad week. Google Hangouts turns into a chat platform similar to Slack or Discord. The change should take place by 2020. There were once a few features removed from being iMessage of Android so it’s a dizzying change. Then Google announced the cutting-edge of Google Allo. Google passes many of the features of Android Messages, an SMS app with RCS support. It seems that Google considers RCS to be the future. There are two Google platforms to bite in 2018 with Spaces and Google +.
  • Epic Games had an exciting week. Fortnite got a new game function. There is now a creative mode that resembles the creative mode of Minecraft. In addition, the company announced a competitor to Steam and the Google Play Store. The Epic Games Store holds PC and mobile games in the same location. This can be a big deal because no other shop covers both platforms. It’s also not a half-bad idea how many indie games get both PC and mobile versions. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Google officially announced Hummingbird this week. The Hummingbird platform is a simple idea with a complicated design. It allows developers to build a single app running on various platforms, including iOS, the web, and android. All-in-one tools are usually fake with support for a single platform with few features for one second. Hummingbird has the opportunity to be the first of its kind to not be horrible. Download the link for more information!
  • Google announced its choice for the best of 2018 in the Google Play Store. There were many winners in a variety of categories including PUBG Mobile (favorite for fans and best games), YouTube TV (Favorite for Fans), Avengers: Infinity War, Drops (Best App), Fire and Fury of Michael Wolff (Best Ebook), 12 Rules for the Life of Jordan B. Peterson (Best Audio Book) and The Walking Dead (Best TV Show). You can click the link to see all selections and check them out on Google Play!

Gorogoa is a new indie puzzle game. It has elements similar to the Noodlecake Games & Framed Series. The game has a lot of different style books that the players organize and combine into a whole story. It has handwritten graphics, a fun history line and simple mechanics. The game itself is quite fun to play. But the carefully designed animations and the story are the real story here. Those who like thoughtful stories should enjoy this pretty. The game is a bit short, but most do not seem to think. It runs at $ 4.99 without purchases or ads in the app. This is also from the same developer of Florence, a disc-of-life storytelling game.

Yahoo Play is the latest app from, yes, Yahoo. It’s a pop culture app and has lots of celebrity, pop culture and entertainment. It also does a lot of other things. The core is a news application with news about pop culture. However, it also includes original video series along with trivia and quiz games. It’s honestly pretty to do in this app. However, it suffers from bugs and slow loading times. It definitely needs some work. It may be fun for those who like entertainment, but we may want to wait a little bit for Yahoo to sort out the issues.

Command and Conquer: Rivals saw its global launch earlier this week. It’s a duel-style fighting game. Players choose a hero, build an army and fight other players online in one against a match. Game mechanics also contain strategic elements. Players must control the battlefield and revive their troops to win. Of course, your army is also adaptable. The game has some serious balancing problems right now. Low level players are matched with players considerably more powerful and it is a little annoying. Otherwise, it’s not really a half bad game.

Google’s annual Santa Tracker app lives in the Play Store and on the web. It has about the same content as it did last year. It includes a lot of child-friendly mini-games, a countdown timer for the big day and some other little pieces of fun. The app then tracks Santa on Christmas Eve to the delight of young children. Mini games are not inspiring or anything, but they are good enough for most younger children. It’s a colorful, fun way to track Santa every year. It’s also completely free without ads or purchases in the app. Thanks, Google!

Absolute Operation is the latest game from Noodlecake Studios. It is a definite mobile game with a competition theme. The players swing around the corners, avoid obstacles and collect little red balls for points. The game is not fast, but it is surprisingly intense yet. In addition, there is a relaxing soundtrack to get everything together. The game also has six cars, three game modes, a night mode, leaderboards and even Bluetooth control unit support. It costs a very reasonable $ 2.99 and has no ads or additional purchases in the app. What do not you like?

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