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& # 39; Saturn Moon Dione Covered by Mystical Bright Bright Stripes & # 39;

October 29, 2018 Science 0 Views Mystical straight light bands have been discovered on Saturn's moon Dione, researchers said. The…

Mystical straight light bands have been discovered on Saturn’s moon Dione, researchers said. The origin of these linear joints or stripes is likely to be caused by draping of surface materials such as Saturn’s rings, fitting comets, or cohabiting moons Helene and Polydeuces, according to the study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. [19659002] “Evidence retained in the linear virgen has consequences for the orbital evolution and influence processes within the Saturnian system,” said Alex Patthoff of the US Scientific Institute. “The interaction between Diona’s surface and exogenous materials has consequences for its sustainability and provides proof of delivery of ingredients that can contribute to the habitat of the ocean world in general,” says Patthoff.

Patthoff and Emily S Martin of the National Air and Space Museum, studied images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, which also revealed similar features on Saturn’s moon Rhea. The linear wings of Dion are generally long (1

0 to 100s kilometers), narrow (less than 5 kilometers) and lighter than the surrounding terrain, researchers say.

The strips are parallel, appear to be above other properties and are not affected by topography, indicating that they are among the youngest surfaces of Dione. “Their orientation parallel to the equator and linearity is unlike anything else we’ve seen in the solar system,” says Patthoff.

“If they are caused by an exogenous source, there may be another way of bringing new material to Dione. This material may have an impact on the biological potential of Dion’s underground sea,” said Patthoff.

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