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. Going keto is not easy, even for the most disciplined eaters. The low carbohydrates, obesity diet are associated with those Jersey Shore s resident “Keto Guido” Vinny Guadagnino puts your body in bold Burnout mode, known as ketosis, helps you lose weight. But it does not come without sacrifice, like skipping some basic and beloved foods: sandwiches, pasta and cakes. And who wants to live in a world without cookies?

But as Vinny can tell, there are solutions. Staten Island Island, which is in the new season of the MTV show Family Vacation reboot (times on Thursday) can not completely cut out Italian staples. He succeeds in bouncing on bread and pizza while sticking to his strict keto diet, thanks to low carbohydrate recipes and alternative food products. And he loves to show off his deceased at Instagram. Here’s nine times, Vinny wondered at keto, but he was actually ready.


A full burger with bun

Now we are all familiar with bun-less burger, often served in a salad cloth. Vinny often goes bun-free, but here he ordered a burger with a Keto Buns roll, which is keto-friendly, gluten-free and grain free. The advertisement – Continue reading below

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Prosciutto burrito

A nice thing about keto is the ability to remain full by gorging on fat meat. For a lunch Vinny hardened meat, cheese and arugula threw into what looks like an un-keto wrap. But no worries, the keto-friendly loop is made of coconut.

“The one who thinks that keto is hard and not sustainable … there’s a way to fine tune pretty much of all your favorite American American dishes, Advertising – Continue reading below


Breakfast taco

Vinny sometimes likes to eat tacos (just like the rest of us) of Filling eggs and bacon in a keto-friendly, grain-free tortilla from Siete Family Foods.

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No, it’s not a cracker or a chip. Vinny meets his desire to crack by eating parmesan bread. We’re okay at keto, and these carbonless chips do the trick.

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When Vinny goes back to see his Italian family in Staten Island, it’s about pizza Vinny and his mom cobbled together for a semi- cheat “meal one k eto-friendly recipe for pizza with a low carbon, grain-free crust made mostly of cheese. Advertising – Continue reading below

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Sugary desserts are by nature anti-keto. But everyone deserves some aftermath treatment sometimes and Vinny gave one with a low carbon, sugar-free chocolate cake from Fat Snax.

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] 7

More cookies

Vinny obviously loves keto sweets. The ads – Continue reading below


A brownie

It looks like Vinny quickly draws one, but these brownies with six grams of net carbs are keto approved.

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Beef empanadas

Vinny last sent his followers with a plate of piping hot empanadas, which is usually very un-keto. But these are made with a low-carb dough and filled with spiced porridge-fed beef. [19659000] Paul Schrodt
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