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30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person – Third Week: Take It Up a Notch Part II

Day eighteen: Get a friend to help you Peer pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because when you promise a…

Day eighteen: Get a friend to help you

Peer pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because when you promise a friend to go workout in an early hour of the morning you become obligated to keep that promise and exercise. To increase the excitement, you can agree on some penalty with your friend in case one of you overslept or missed the exercise like the one who doesn’t get there on time buys his friend a drink for example.

Day nineteen: Keep motivating yourself

Whether using a strong motivational quote, an inspiring picture (Like your picture crossing the finish line of the last marathon you took part in), or even the countdown timer app on your cellphone that reminds you of an important deadline; Use something (physical or digital) to remind you why you’re waking up in the morning.

Day twenty: Try something new

If your workout routine is very boring then it is no wonder you would prefer to go sleep instead of hitting the gym, that is why you should set a date to try a new exercise you have been dying to try because trying new things always have positive effects. The excitement of doing a new exercise will get you out of the bed like it is Christmas morning.

Day twenty-one: Improve your bedroom

Turn your ordinary bedroom to a sleeping haven: You can start with the perfect temperature, as our bodies temperature changes during the biological clock cycle which is 24 hours; The body temperature drops down in the evening when it is close to bedtime that’s why it helps to go to sleep when the room temperature is a bit lower than usual.

You can keep the bedroom temperature between 15.5 to 18.5 depending on what you prefer, in addition to buying that best bed you can afford.

Once again we stress on the importance of not having any cellphones, tablets or screens of any kind in the bedroom; Put your cell phone outside your bedroom when you sleep not just to avoid pre-sleeping phone browsing, but also so your desire to check your phone for calls and messages will become a motivating factor to get out of bed.

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