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30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person – Third Week: Kick It Up a Notch Part I

It has been two weeks since you started to get up early in the morning to work out, and now…

It has been two weeks since you started to get up early in the morning to work out, and now your mind and body are getting used to getting up earlier. Up next, we will mention some techniques that will add more energy to your mornings and therefor you will not only be able to stand this period, but you will get creative through it.

Day fifteen: Take a cold shower

Taking a shower before working out may seem strange, but cold water actually helps you wake up. In case you didn’t want to take a shower, you can try washing your face with cold water to get a shower like effect.

Day sixteen: Do a morning exercise you like

Do an exercise you actually like wither it’s solo morning yoga, active dancing, or even boxing. Getting out of bed becomes a lot easier when you are looking forward to do something you like.

Day seventeen: Light up the place

Turn your biological clock back not your diet, light is a strong environmental element and exposing yourself to a bright light like sunlight in the early morning helps setting your biological clock to order (This term refers to the part of your brain that responds to light and dark signals and then tells the body when to wake up and when to sleep). When your eyes get exposed to light they give a signal to the body to do different types of actions like raising the body temperature and producing some hormones like cortisol.

In case you couldn’t get used to waking up in this somewhat tough way, you can try some sort of alarms that use light, or download a light alarm on your cellphone, you can also leave your bedroom’s curtains open to wake up to sunlight.

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