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30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person – Fourth Week: “You’re in for Life now!” Part III

Day Twenty-Eight: Invest your money where you talk

Want a guaranteed way to get up from your bed? You can, for example, use a mobile phone application where you set your goal, signing a commitment contract with yourself and even guaranteeing some money. Some statistics indicate that financial risk increases your chances of success by about three times.

If you are not interested in the applications, you can enroll in some courses or classes that will charge you when you miss your appointment, or you can follow the traditional method and bet your friends or family members so that you have to stick to your training.

Day Twenty-Nine: Set a timetable

Instead of waking up and acting randomly, set a schedule for yourself that makes you feel that morning exercise is not negotiable, and do not forget to let this schedule be fully aligned with your goals of the exercise and commit completely to it, emptying your morning exclusively for it throughout the near future.

Day 30: Commit to a challenge

Since you are now an expert in morning exercises, it is time to set up a goal. Sign up for a marathon or a race, barber race, weight lifting competition or any sport challenge you dreamed of doing.

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