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30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person – Fourth Week: “You’re in for Life Now!” Part II

Day 24: Master your sleep cycle

Having a difficulty mastering your sleeping/waking up time? Maybe you should track your sleep cycle using a phone app that follows the sleep cycle estimating the approximate amount of time you daily spend in bed. It also helps you know the total sleep time you need to make the best out of your day ahead.

Day 25: Use music as an alarm ringtone

Use music and songs that make you feel energetic as the ring tone of your alarm, dancing your way out of bed instead of falling off of it. You can also use a playlist that lasts long enough to get you up and ready to go out every morning. This will help keep your gym visits on track.

Day 26: Bribe yourself

Whether by pampering yourself with an expensive drink, or a cup of coffee after your work, these small things can motivate you get out of bed in the morning and workout to the max, you also can plan giving yourself a bigger gift, such as pants or a new bag from your favorite store as you reach the thirtieth day successfully, as reward is much more stimulating than punishment.

Day 27: Wake up early even on your day off!

Keep up with the early routine even if you don’t plan to workout, since the best change anyone can ever make in his/her life is maintaining the same early waking up routine, for the body starts preparing to wake up about 90 minutes before actually waking up, and as soon as the brain realizes your waking up routine, it can make the necessary preparations for you to wake up energetic and good to go. In other words, set your alarm clock at the same time every day. If you don’t work-out, you can take advantage of these extra minutes to meditate, read or drink coffee with one of your friends.

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