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30 Day Challenge to Become a Morning Workout Person – Fourth Week: “You’re in for Life Now!” Part I

There is no excuse anymore! You are on your way to becoming an early person. Follow the same routine for this last week to support your progress and realize what activities are most suitable for you to practice before going to bed or as soon as you wake up, and then you can harness the power of Dawn and become a morning person.

Day 22: Schedule a personal workout with the coach

What’s worse than your friend being mad at you because you forgot your early workout session? Well, it’s your personal trainer being mad when you miss one. Even if you have not tried having a personal coach before, set up a date for a private workout session at your gym (you can also arrange one at home). This way you will not even think of sleeping at your workout time and if you did, expect a severe burpee punishment waiting for you the next day or even sooner.

Day 23: Spend an evening away from screens

If you think that one screen-free hour before your bedtime is difficult, try that for a full evening. Start at 6 pm (or once you return home in the evening) and discover what’s outside the Netflix queue. You can invest this time to optimize your relaxation practices and to choose activities that best help your mind rest and relax, for stress and anxiety are the enemies of peaceful sleep and peace of mind is a main key for a good night’s sleep, since you won’t be able to sleep if your mind is buzzing; you can also use this time to simply start practicing some self-care activities.

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