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3 things we learned about Dallas Mavericks outlast Los Angeles Clippers, 114-110

Dallas Mavericks sealed their ninth home winnings from the Sunday evening and defeated Los Angeles Clippers 114-110. Harrison Barnes scored…

Dallas Mavericks sealed their ninth home winnings from the Sunday evening and defeated Los Angeles Clippers 114-110. Harrison Barnes scored a season-high 30 points while DeAndre Jordan took 23 offensive rebounds for Mavericks. Montrezl Harrell led Clippers with 23 points from the bench.

A first first quarter met the fans to the American Airlines Center, as no teams had much in the way of missed shots or defenses. Although Clippers took an early lead, Harrison Barnes poured in 15 points during the period, including a pair of finishes on the three-hour shot. JJ Barea once again led Mavericks from the bench with a number of dirty buckets, as both teams could not hold on to the lead for a long time. Los Angeles led after one, 35-34.

Although Dallas took charge of a Devin Harris and one to start the second quarter, the Clipper bench Dallas dumped early. The Mavericks simply could not seem to fall and Los Angeles built a nine-point lead in the frame. Suddenly things climbed to Dallas in a hurry. During a three minute stretch in the latter part of the quarter, Dallas went on a 1

5-0 track over a three-minute buckle to take an eight-point lead. Clippers responded with a quick 6-0 bet to get it in two points, but a DeAndre Jordan tip in the buzz allowed Dallas to take a lead of 62-58 in half.

Los Angeles tied up fast games to start the third quarter, but a methodical Dallas strategy won the quarter. An active violation driven by a complete teamwork resulted in Dallas extending its half-time lead from four points to eight. The most memorable part of the quarter came when Dennis Smith Jr. took a dreamy elbow to the mouth from Patrick Beverly and lost a tooth. Smith walked shortly to the dressing room but returned to finish the game. The Mavericks led 88-80 into the last quarter.

Dallas resisted a fierce effort from Clippers in the fourth quarter. After a jumping match, Patrick Beverly passed a ball towards a Maverick fan along the sidelines and immediately expelled. After repeatedly closing in on the Maverick line, a Harrell dunk cracked at 1:15 am at 107 each. DeAndre Jordan gave Dallas the lead with a tip in a Harrison Barnes unit. Lou Williams gave short to Clipper’s lead and hit three with 45 seconds left. Los Angeles held the lead in just 14 seconds as Dorian Finney-Smith dropped into another Children‘s miss and Dallas would not trace again. DeAndre Jordan beat one of two free throws and Dennis Smith blocked a betting trial from Tobias Harris. Smith then buried the following two free throws and the Mavericks went away with a victory from 114-110.

Now, some thoughts

DeAndre Jordan, With Feeling

After a performance that left much to be desired for Lakers Jordan played its most active game in the last memory on both sides of the ball. All my criticisms from Friday were answered with improvements. His hands were defensive, he hung on at least some screens, and he actually did block trials. The activity and effort were there in the details and it played for Dallas in close play.

The Mavericks need Jordan so it was amazing to see him react in nature after a hard loss.

Dennis Smith has bowel

Losing a tooth in the middle of a game has to be a shocking experience. But Smith took an elbow on his face and later replayed and continued to play extremely hard. His game-locking block by Tobias Harris was simply outstanding, considering both Smith’s face and how much Harris is.

It has been an interesting sophomore campaign for Smith, but he is playing hard and tries to improve. Can not ask for much more than that.

No Luka, no problem

Harrison Barnes scored 30 points and J.J. Barea poured himself in 24. Finney-Smith and Jordan scored double-digit points, while Dennis Smith and Dwight Powell were just one basket each away from the double digit. It was an impressive achievement where the team lacked a key player against a highly competitive Clipper group.

Mavericks will still shoot more three, but one victory is a victory. I think everyone would like it if Barnes shot less than 28 times, but all but two of his attempts were either three or in the secluded area. He should have gotten more ugly conversations, but if he continues to drive as he has been in the past few weeks, these calls can come. Dallas must also find a way to make Dennis Smith look better.

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