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3 potential Markelle Fultz stores that Sixers could do

It seems that Markelle Fultz time in Philadelphia ends, sooner or later, in one way or another. So disappointed as…

It seems that Markelle Fultz time in Philadelphia ends, sooner or later, in one way or another. So disappointed as this is now, it’s safe with a little perspective we will feel … even worse about it. A number one pick, along with an extra first round choice, is all gone within two years, not good.

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But this is where we are and there is no point in looking back (unless I do it to condemn Bryan Colangelo, but it’s another time). As the mice in “Who Moved My Cheese” learned, you do not want to starve by wondering why the cheese is no longer in place, it’s always, you just want to find out where it is now.

While projections for Fultz’s value are everywhere, it’s fair that the project shows that it’s not really the centerpiece of a Bradley Beal trade. I’ve heard everything from “late first round” to “Sixers will have to attach a choice to get off pay.” Yikes. So I’m just taking my guesses.

Note: Some of these industries have to wait until December 1

5th, so all players will be able to trade.

Here’s what Sixers will hope to achieve in the trade:

1. Do not withdraw any pay for 2019-20, unless the player they acquire is a high-level player that they would expect to round out a starting line-up or be a particularly valuable turntable. As little as a percentage game as a free agency, the more flexibility they have this summer, the better. Fultz’s salary, despite being a rookie, is not insignificant in this regard. He makes $ 8.3 million this season and will earn a guaranteed $ 9.7 million next season, with a fourth year option for $ 12.28 million.

2nd Get a player that’s useful this year and can fill in the rotation that is currently thin and not full of versatile wings. One of the things that has damaged their defense and overall ability to build different lineups is their lack of switchability beyond Simmons, Butler and Chandler.

OR …

3. Get an outbound contract and a draft asset that the team can either use, so that they can have a low manageable salary to build a roster or something they can use in a trade to acquire another rotary player at any time.

When looking for a trading partner, think “Sixers 2014-15.” A team that uses as many roster spots as possible to try to find pieces to build a team in the future. I know that Dave (Adam) Silver tries to convince you that Sixers was evil to do this, and it does not happen anymore, but as usual he lies.

I warn you – if you’re hoping for a trade that will be exciting, look elsewhere. There is no reason to believe that Fultz will take back something exciting. Nobody would be more wrong than me on this, trust me.

Here are some trade scenarios:

1. Markelle Fultz, Justin Patton and Furkan Korkmaz to Cleveland for Alec Burks and Utah 2020 Second Round Picking

Cleveland is a most decent situation for Fultz, because they are again in post-Lebron “We’re sucking pretty badly and probably going for a while” -bearing. They already have a young goalkeeper in Collin Sexton, but are doing badly and in this situation they really need to get as many potentially good players as possible, regardless of position. There is no reason that they can not share most of their minutes and do some overlap because Sexton has shot very well during his limited time as a starter.

Sixers have already stated what they like about Korkmaz by not choosing his option for next year, as he now becomes an unlimited free agent after the season. It would be nice to hold on to Patton as a potential, one-day backup to Embiid, but he’s in there as a payroll.

In return, they get Alec Burks, working in two ways for Sixers; First, his contract, which seems like it was a 15 year deal with Utah, expires after this season. Next, while Burks will not steal for Sixers, it’s really worth a place in rotation as a decent three-point shooter and shooter. They will also pick up Utah’s second pace 2020, as Cavs only came in the Kyle Korver trade. I would rather have Cleveland’s second round, but they have already sent this year and next year will pick up in previous industries.

2nd Markelle Fultz, Furkan Korkmaz, Amir Johnson and Mike Muscala to Phoenix for Trevor Ariza, Richaun Holmes and Suns 2019 Second Round Picking

The suns are stinking, have no goalkeeper and although they can be convinced they’re going to be pretty good, they are not. Fultz would fill a place in position and potentially add a solid defender to a starting line that currently includes Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, two of the worst defenders in the league.

Related: NBA Rumors: Fultz to Phoenix Suns? 19659003] In Ariza and Holmes, Sixers fills two holes and earns zero pay for 2019-20. Ariza is a solid defender, decent three point shooter and switchable on defense, something that Sixer’s rotation lacks significantly. I will warn you that the idea of ​​Trevor Ariza is much more appealing than Ariza, but he gives more at stake to games than Muscala, Johnson or Korkmaz. Richaun Holmes is not as good as his dicks and screams are and can be quite brutally defensive but he is a living body and probably a better fit for ten minutes of backup service than Johnson or Muscala is right now. [19659002] 3. Markelle Fultz to Atlanta for DeWayne Dedmon, Vince Carter for Atlanta 2019 second round picking, and Charlotte 2019 second round picking

This is the most depressing of the three. They are all depressing. Why do I do this? Perhaps this is a written version of expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

The Hawks, like the Cavsna, stink and also have a young punisher. The reason for acquiring Fultz is exactly the same as Cavs. When in asset acquisition mode, you can not worry too much about the position.

In return, Sixers gets a very solid backup center in Dedmon and a rotational swing that can open three pointers in Vince Carter, now in its 33rd NBA season. At least there is a game this season, the “Vince Carter game”, where he meets five three in a quarter and we lose our thoughts.

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