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3 keys to Bears that they aim at raising patriots in week 7

Bears will look over .500 on Sunday when they host the patriots on Soldier Field. Matt Nagy's team understands that…

Bears will look over .500 on Sunday when they host the patriots on Soldier Field.

Matt Nagy’s team understands that it will be a tough overtime for the dolphins in Miami. Be much sharper in all three phases to erect a team that rarely strikes. But the bear also knows a window of opportunity to make a statement against a respected but vulnerable opponent.

This is not the undue match it may have been in the past two or three years. It will definitely not be a walling like Bears experienced in a 51-23 loss for the Patriots 2014 in Foxborough, Mass.

Here are our three keys for Bears to end on the winning side Sunday. [1

9659005] 1. Confidence Matt Nagy.

Pregame Analysis: A year ago, as Chief’s Offensive Coordinator, Nagy helped kick a 42-27 Week 1 upset patriots by contributing to an offensive game plan that produced 537 total laps and six touchdowns. Last week, the managers rolled 446 yards and scored 40 points in a three-point loss for the patriots and found ways to attack with an offensive system similar to what the bears now use. Somewhere in that, Nagy should be able to navigate through the details and find games and concepts that Bears can use to defend Patriots’ defense. As it stands, patriots rank 20 in meters allowed per game (5.85). They also rank last in bag speed and take down quarterbacks in just 2.98 percent of attempts. This should be Nagy’s bread-and-butter, the ability to take every week’s puzzle and share it in a way that positions its team for success. This should be his most fun test yet.

2. Keep the “Chicken Salad” coming.

Pregame Analysis: In the past two matches, Tarik Cohen has proven its value as a matchup gem for Bears. Totals: 63 snaps, 32 touches, 305 yards from scrimmage, two touchdowns. Nagy continues to involve Cohen in various ways that holds opposing defense to guess. And it was clear that Cohen had caught Bill Belichick’s attention. The floor is yours, Bill. “He’s hard to find,” Belichick said. “He is a dynamic player who can run, catch and really threaten every farm in the field – from side to side, up in the middle, deep. You can throw it to him. You can leave it to him. In addition, he is elusive with the ball and he is elusive in order to be open so the quarterback can get him the ball. There are great skills to have. Some of them are good and he has several of them. He is a special player that you have to know where he is is all the time. “

3. Beat the slot machine.

Pregame Analysis: One week after the Dolphins player, Albert Wilson received through the 155-meter Bears defense and two touchdowns, Vic Fangio’s group will now meet Tom Brady, a legendary quarterback surgical with the way he uses his castle guys. For Brady, the slot recipient has been the engine behind the patriots’ offensive effectiveness forever. And it was no coincidence that the star quarterback was of any kind in September, while Julian Edelman served his four-man tension to break the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. Edelman has 11 catches for 111 meters and a touchdown in two games since he returns. Bold statistics to be sure. But to hear the tight end Rob Gronkowski tell me, Edelman’s only presence increases everyone’s energy. “Great time,” said Gronkowski. “Edelman has the juice left and right every morning, during the day, workout. No matter what time it is, he has the juice. It helps .The days can be long .The season can be long. It’s always good to have a guy wearing the juice so. “

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