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3 essential adjustments to adapt an Android to an older person

A few weeks ago, my grandmother bought her first smartphone . I was tired of listening to us talk about…

3 essential adjustments to adapt an Android to an older person

A few weeks ago, my grandmother bought her first smartphone . I was tired of listening to us talk about sending photos on WhatsApp, reading news on the Internet and watching movies on the mobile, so she decided that “I was still young to have your own phone” -is about 85 years old. So, we decided to buy a basic smartphone with Android and, of course, we helped you to create a Google account, download applications, call, save contacts, send messages and files by WhatsApp, etc. An odyssey, as you can imagine.

What for me, as an advanced user that I consider myself, was as simple as pressing two buttons, for my grandmother it was the most complicated thing in the world . It seems that no, but we, young people, who have been born with a mobile phone under our arms, have assimilated certain concepts that our elders do not fully understand. The clearest example is to press an icon to open an app, or to lower the curtain of notifications. You know that you do not have to pop the screen with your finger to open an app, in the same way that you have more than assumed that seeing notifications is synonymous with sliding from the top of the screen down. Our elders do not.

Smartphones, that seem easy to use, are not so simple for older people , and adapt them to your needs is more than essential for your experience to be optimal (and to stop calling day and day also to ask why the phone does not ring). Therefore, based on my personal experience, I would like to present a series of settings that you must configure to adapt a mobile to an older person. Let us begin.

How to adapt a smartphone for an older person

Sound and vibration everywhere, you can tell they’ve done something

Most Android users tend to turn off the sound and vibration from all corners of their terminal, as they are annoying settings for a person who knows what they are doing. You, as a digital native that you are, know that when you click on an icon an app will open, you do not need a physical stimulus that tells you that you have touched something. A grandfather yes. Vibration and sound serve to offer responses to actions . If you play here, this sounds. If you do so, the phone vibrates. This serves to associate actions with reactions, and will help your grandfather to deal with his terminal.

A good example of this is the Samsung. When you turn on the phone for the first time, whenever you touch an icon, the phone emits a sound to tell you that you have done something.

Go to Settings> Sound, activates all the sounds and increases the intensity of vibration to the maximum (or at high levels). The best thing is that you do it with your grandfather next to him and that he tells you what is most comfortable for him, that way you will leave the mobile phone to his liking. Also, as a personal recommendation, I would tell you that you changed the tone of the alarm to the Beep-Beep-Beep . It’s the same sound that conventional alarm clocks do, which, at least in my case, my grandmother was used to.

Bigger and simpler is always better

It is not a secret that Our elders usually have vision problems. These are increased by the size of the mobile screens, which although they look great, they are not so big when you have 14 diopters in each eye. Starts changing the size of the font for a larger one . To do this go to Settings> Accessibility> Size of the source and put one that is well read from afar (my recommendation is that you put it to the maximum, although the one that will best guide you in this will be your grandfather).

On the other hand, remember that the older person you are helping, with total security, will end up using a couple of applications , which will be WhatsApp, the camera, calls, contacts, notes and messages. Little more. First, remove all desktop screens and leave just one with the weather widget, the system settings widget (if you do not have it installed by default, use) Y the icons of the apps you are going to use. If you can, install Nova Launcher Prime and change both the size of the icons and the tag in:

  • Nova Launcher settings> Desktop> Customize icons.
  • Nova Launcher settings> Applications> Customize icons.
  • Nova Launcher settings> Folders> Customize icons.

Choose a keyboard that has size adjustments and good word prediction and autocorrection . My recommendation is the Google keyboard, although you can be Swiftkey or Fleksy. Install the one that best suits you and put the keys as big as you can. If you see that it does not finish clearing and does not write fluently, a good trick is Buy a touch pointer. For 7.39 you can take 10 pens with pointers of different colors. They are easy to use and will help you write and interact more easily.

10 pointers for smartphone 3 essential adjustments to adapt an Android to an older person

3 essential adjustments to adapt an Android to an older person

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Do not forget to activate the sound and vibration on the keyboard. The more stimuli, the better.

Set the time to automatic and teach you how to configure alerts

All mobile phones usually have the time synchronized with the network and, therefore, this it is automatically modified when it’s your turn . For the grandparents, controlling the time is a fundamental aspect, since many must take medicines or go to the doctor at certain times, so make sure the options are activated “Automatic date and times” Y “Automatic time zone” going to Settings> Date and time. In case you were wondering, leave the 24-hour format – or the one that is most used in your country.

Finally, if your grandfather has to take many medicines throughout the day, A good idea is to teach you how to set alerts in the clock application . So you will not forget to take anything and you will save more than one scare. It will take you a while, but that’s how you take advantage of it and take a little while with it, which I’m sure you appreciate.

And a word of advice, be patient

Remember that nobody is born knowing . You know everything you know because either you have learned on your own, or you have learned from other people. Grandparents are an empty jar that fills very slowly. They will need your help more than once, they will call you and ‘bother’ when you least expect it, and it is your job to be there to lend a hand. A good trick is to point in the notes app of your mobile a kind of tutorial for every simple thing you may need, how to save a contact, send a picture by WhatsApp, etc. That will take away headaches and It will help you learn faster.


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