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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid – MPGs for the common man

Toyota followed its November debut of the twelfth generation Corolla with a debut from November in the twelfth generation of…

Toyota followed its November debut of the twelfth generation Corolla with a debut from November in the twelfth generation of Corolla. This time we look at the new Hybrid sedan – a model that seems to have been on sale years ago, but we are not positive who the intended demographic would be. Prius owners?

While the Corolla Hybrid is already in Toyota’s expanded universe, it’s the first time the automaker has seen the fit to bring the variant. The hybrid system combines a 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle combustion engine (2ZR-FXE) and two electric motors for a combined power of 121 horsepower. It’s quite lukewarm specifications, but the automaker was likely to be more concerned about achieving the model’s estimated average fuel economy of 50 mpg than setting the engine for the race track.

Think of it as a Diet Prius, if it helps.

Of course, Toyota does not want you to think the hybrid becomes a snail. The company claims that the electrified installation provides some power components at low speeds. It also has a sport setting for when you want to crush every last performance of your economically-focused, CVT-equipped front-wheel drive since.

Alternatively, there are common normal, echo and EV modes for drivers to choose from during their daily commuting. Although it is easy to guess how they change the vehicle’s priorities, it should be said that the EV mode allows electric driving only when the vehicle’s nickel-metal hydride battery holds enough energy.

It’s the same power cell that occupies the new Prius AWD-e, if you were wondering. Toyota, which has wisely placed the battery underneath the rear seat to avoid losing internal volume, equipped the model with a brake system that prioritizes regenerative braking, as it works in combination with hydraulic clamps. As a way to send otherwise wasted energy back into the battery, the system also has a slight braking lever setting that can be useful in heavy traffic.

In addition, it’s really not much to distinguish Corolla Hybrid from the standard model. Both will have automatic braking, full speed, adaptive cruise control, lane waste warning, lane with assistance, character recognition and automatic headlights as part of the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 range of safety aids. They will also share almost identical extrinsions, as the electrified model does not have much wear resistance.

It’s actually easier to look for 15-inch alloy wheels and tires with low rolling resistance if you’re out of the car racking. The only other sure fire way to tell is to actually jump into one and check if it is recommended to adjust your driving to maximize efficiency.

Currently featured on the LA Auto Show, the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is sold for sale in spring 2019. Expected pricing and further details will be announced closer to launch.

[Images: Toyota]

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