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2020 Lincoln Aviator First Look: Aviator takes flight

The Aviator concept looked ready to roll when it broke the cover in March at New York's car show. So…

The Aviator concept looked ready to roll when it broke the cover in March at New York’s car show. So it’s not a big surprise that the production model is ready for viewing this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The vehicle will be sold next summer.

The segment-specific premium segment is the highest volume in the United States and the third largest segment in the critical China market, says President of Lincoln, Joy Falotico.

See 65 Photos [19659004] Aviator launches with a sizeable brother Navigator, who should give the gravity to make a bigger splash than the last time this machine took a flyer to the market.

Aviator 2003 predecessor was a Ford Explorer dressed as a Lincoln Navigator developed in hopes of keeping buyers from battling against BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Lexus. It did not work. The buyers looked through badge technology, balancing the tight $ 40,000 prize tag and did not appreciate the clumsy bodywork when the frames went over to car-based unibody crossovers.

In contrast to this, the 2020 Aviator not from Ford lifts the container. Instead of trying to raise mass market support, Aviator is the first vehicle from Ford’s new backdrop, unibody architecture. It will cascade into mass market models, including the new Ford Explorer, but it’s first and foremost a luxury platform. The platform is flexible enough to accommodate different engine sizes and drive configurations and can handle front, rear and four-wheel drive.

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Aviator’s overall design with its sculpted sides, sharp lines of character and a roof downside were designed to mimic a bird in flight, according to Woodhouse. It looks much slimmer and sportier than the Navigator from the outside while emulating the Navigator’s interior with a mixture of premium materials, including open pine forests, soft leather with six stitches per inch. We do not know how many stitches it usually is but Woodhouse insists this is the exaggerated side and industrial metal trim for Grand Touring. Each trim has another grid.

The new aviator offers a path of technology. As the driver approaches the vehicle, the air slide suspension automatically reduces to enter or load gear. It has 80 mm travel. The owner’s smartphone acts as a key-one first for the automaker-unlock it, opens the trunk and starts the engine. Up to four phones can be connected to the vehicle and if your phone dies, you can enter a password on the external keypad to enter and a backup code can be entered on the center touch screen to start and drive the vehicle. If a phone is lost or stolen, Phone As A Key can easily be deleted from the Lincoln Way app. The app also provides courtesy tips, such as petrol station, when the fuel becomes low or an offer to change speed gauge to kilometers if the nav system notes that you have crossed a limit.

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Aviator’s continuously controlled damping system provides a car-like ride. A popular feature may be “Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview” that uses a camera to detect potholes or uneven surfaces and adjust the adjustment of support for impact.

Lincoln also introduces the Co-Pilot360 Plus, an upgrade to the security system, adding the ability to navigate traffic, adjusting speed by braking and acceleration as needed steering as needed to stop the track or avoid collision and braking when a vehicle is detected while the aviator is backed up. The system can park for you and requires no driver input after pressing a button. The car controls, accelerates and brakes into the selected location.

A large head-up screen can be read with polarized sunglasses and the airplane has adaptive LED headlamps that change how the light is directed based on the vehicle speed: the light beam is longer and narrower as it travels fast, spreading wider as it goes slowly.

Aviator uses a new Black Label top trim that calls “Flight” using tan and ebon palettes and replicates the shape of early aviation instruments.

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Even the lower trim aims at a quiet and stylish cockpit where passengers can relax, extend into 30-way adjustable massage seats and listen to the extra Revel Ultima audio system with 28 speakers. There is a 12.3-inch touchscreen and configurable instrument cluster, wireless charging and connection to as many as 10 devices. The piano key press selection is cast in the center stack. A new steering wheel places the voice command button at 10 o’clock for a light tap with the thumb.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra gave notes to greet the driver when the aviator is turned on and real percussion and violin notes replace electronic warnings and warnings.

Passengers in the second row can lay and adjust their places – which also slide forward to access the third row. In order not to break the legroom or load area, the hybrid battery is placed under the second line.

Despite all these luxurious features, Lincoln is expected to be competitive in its pricing. It would have to start about $ 60,000 to complete the Audi Q7 with a V-6 or Acura MDX SH-AWD hybrid head, even though John Davis, Chief Program Engineer, said the drive competing against a V-8. The aviator would also slit between a Buick Enclave Avenir and a Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription.

2020 Lincoln Aviator starts next summer. It will be built at the Chicago Assembly Plant.

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