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2019 NFL Mock Draft: Managers add rushing defensive tackle, Rams picks playmaking cornerback

About Chiefs-Ram's legendary match to finish Week 11, NFL fans learned everything except the league morphing into Big 12, it…

About Chiefs-Ram’s legendary match to finish Week 11, NFL fans learned everything except the league morphing into Big 12, it is that both of these clubs need some defense of defense.

No, it is not at all, yet all defensive statistics, but no club has allowed more laps than Kansas City. Los Angeles has handed over the fourth most.

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Up front (for pass-rush) and at the corner (to cover), both clubs could use more young, first rounds.

The draft order for this mock is based on Sports Line’s current winning forecasts. As surprisingly as this can read, I have not had a lot of “no way my team chooses so low” grip on Twitter recently. Fantastic.

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1. Oakland Raiders

Nick Bosa, EDGE, Ohio State. Jon Gruden delivered the season’s most confusing (sarcastic) headstool when he said it was very difficult to find big fighters in NFL after the team handed Khalil Mack to Bears. For Raiders, if Nick Bosa falls in the knee, they have to choose him. Watch Raiders on Ravens on Sunday at 1 am. ET on CBS (power on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

2nd Arizona Cardinals

Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State. After despising an offensive line-man to the Cardinals like 46 times, I change that to Arizona fans. Harry would formulate a fun complementary duo with Christian Kirk out wide for Josh Rosen. Watch the cardinals take charge on Sunday at. 16:05 ET, Fox (stream on fuboTV, try for free).

3rd San Francisco 49ers

Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama. 49ers only took Mike McGlinchey in the top 10 of the 2018 draft, but Joe Staley is in the twilight of his career. Williams could even start waking up at the beginning of his time in NFL, then playing left or right tack in San Francisco. Watch 49ers take on Bucs on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on Fox (stream on fuboTV, try for free).

4th Buffalo Bills

A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss. Right now, if this is how the board fell, I think the bills should wait back and forth between Ed Oliver and Brown. The Armed Forces are one of the best in NFL, and if Kyle Williams retires, Buffalo would have to deal with pass-rushing defensive tackle. But the crime needs major improvements for Josh Allen. Brown is a legit nr 1 receiver with impeccable turn-by-catch capabilities. Watch the bills take on Jaguarna on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CBS (power on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

5th New York Jets

Clelin Ferrell, Edge, Clemson. At 6-foot-4ish and 260-plus pounds with long arms and athletic movements, Ferrell is the prototypical NFL-defensive end. He is comfortable using his hands at the attack and can load quarterback with a lot of speed. He is the kind of player that the jets need. Watch the jets take on the patriots on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CBS (power on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

6th Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Greedy Williams, CB, LSU. I continue to return to this prospect match. For … it’s beautiful. Williams is a long, fluid athlete who plays the cornerback position. He is the exact type of defensive back Tampa Bay has to add to his secondary this offseason.

7th New York Giants

Drew Lock, QB, Missouri. The giants must take a quarterback here after crossing the most hyped group of first round signal-callers in 15 years. Lock has a monster arm and lots of SEC experience. There is a lot of Matthew Stafford in his game. Watch the giants take on the eagles on sunday at 1 ET, Fox (stream on fuboTV, try for free).

8th Jacksonville Jaguars

Ed Oliver, DT, Houston. I fooled Oliver to Jacksonville a few weeks back, and that’s the choice again, because he would simply be too talented for the Jaguars to pass here, especially with an older defensive line that becomes very expensive.

ninth Cleveland Browns

Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC State. Harmon, like Harry and Brown, has great size and freedom for the destination. He is a smooth mover as he drives his routes and dominates the highlights department. Watch Brown’s take on Bengals on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET, CBS (power on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

10th Detroit Lions

Zach Allen, EDGE, Boston College. The Lions have to add more edge-rushing talent to their defensive line, even though Ziggy Ansah is kept in the free agency. All are as complete with a defensive end as it is in this class.

eleventh Atlanta Falcons

Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama. The Falcons have a star three techniques in Grady Jarrett, and they chose Deadrin Senate in the third round of the 2018 draft. But Williams is a tallest talent and can perform several responsibilities on the inside of Dan Quinn.

12th Philadelphia Eagles

Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss. The eagles have to plan for the future along their offensive line, especially at the tackle scene. Little has the inherent skills to be a franchise left tackle in Philadelphia. He just needs fine tuning with his footwork.

thirteenth Denver Broncos

Daniel Jones, QB, Duke. Jones has size, arm talent and collegiate schooling from David Cutcliffe, to be a quality quarterback at NFL level. He could sit behind Case Keenum until the beginning of 2019, but Broncos probably needs to take a signal caller in the first round. Watch Broncos take on Steelers on Sunday at. 4:25 pm ET on CBS (power on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

fourteenth Green Bay Packers

Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama. The packers add more young talents to their secondary with this selection, because Thompson is the biggest difference in the 2019 security scene. He is a star defender because of his speed and tackles reliability and can range from the deep center to making gigs in coverage. Watch the packs take on the vikings on sunday at 8.20. on NBC (stream on fuboTV, try for free).

15th Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton Risner, OT, Kansas State. Bengals began building up his offensive line with the additions of Cordy Glenn and the first round picking Billy Price 2018. They continue the project with the choice of Risner, the primary right challenge challenge in the class.

16th Miami Dolphins

Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky. Another team that has to introduce its defense with more productive players on the edge, especially given the age of Cameron Wake. All is a high speed speed that can also make game in coverage. Watch the dolphins take on the pistons on sunday at 4:25 pm. ET, CBS (power on CBS All Access or fuboTV, try it for free).

17th Minnesota Vikings

Ben Powers, G, Oklahoma. The vikers want to pass the football often with Kirk Cousins ​​and their star pair of recipients. Strengths is the most impressive pass-blocking watch I’ve seen this season. Perfect match.

18th Washington Redskins

Deander Baker, CB, Georgia. Baker could slide in the draft because he is not tall and rumored to not be a super-fast corner. In terms of elements, Georgia’s star can be the best in college football. Redskins has to add an alphabet player to his secondary with Josh Norman in the twilight of his career.

19th Tennessee Titans

Cadden Smith, TE, Stanford. Titans will plan for the future at the tight end of the game in view of Delanie Walker’s age and the fact that he will return from a serious injury next season. Smith’s speed and high-profile ability will be translated immediately.

20th Baltimore Ravens

Anthony Johnson, WR, Buffalo. The Ravens must continue to design a new recipient group for Lamar Jackson, the future at the quarterback site in Baltimore. John Brown can bolt in free agency. Johnson is a big downfield threat with impressive yards-after-the-catch capabilities.

21st Carolina Panthers

Jachai Polite, EDGE, Florida. Polite can be a situational edge rusher early in his NFL career, and with more weight and power to his game he can be a scary three-down rusher in Carolina. Look at the Panthers on Seahawks on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on Fox (stream on fuboTV, try for free).

22nd Seattle Seahawks

Amani Oruwariyre, CB, Penn State. Seahawks had huge success with long, plus athletes at the cornerback position for several years. Oruwariye looks like the ideal Seattle-defensive back.

23rd Indianapolis Colts

Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson. Colts has proved to boast one of the league’s most underrated defense this year and can become more versatile and physically up. They would get both of these attributes with Wilkins.

24th Oakland Raiders from Cowboys

Devin White, LB, LSU. The gravity is likely to be drawn to Whites rare sporting skills and speed on the outside. The LSU star has played better late, but can sometimes review the control.

25th Houston Texans

Bobby Evans, OT, Oklahoma. Evans dominated the right thanks in 2017 and has had a solid 2018 on the left. The Texans simply need to give Deshaun Watson a better protection in front of them.

26th Pittsburgh Steelers

Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame. Love is one of the most disturbing, bulletproof cornerbacks in college football, although he is not a size, speed, athleticism test. He would be a welcome addition to Pittsburgh’s secondary.

27th Los Angeles Chargers

Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson. With Brandon Mebane in the last year of his contract, the reader can fill his giant spot on the inside. No prospect would be better to do than Lawrence, a mammoth nose tackle with impressive shortage and handwork.

28th Oakland Raiders from Bears

Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State. No matter who is playing quarterback for Raiders next season, he will need a legit # 1 recipient who can win the field on the outside. At 6-foot-6 with freaky speed, balance and a serious “my ball” mentality, Butler can be the guy for Oakland.

29th New England Patriots

Ben Burr-Kirven, LB, Washington. The Patriots have Dont A Hightower, an established veteran off-ball linebacker, but that group must be faster and more athletic. BBK is as refined as they get to the position and thanks to its speed and awareness, he is enjoying his coverage.

30 °. Green Bay Packers by Saints

Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State. Burns have smooth atleticism and length to be an All-Pro type at the NFL level. He just needs to get stronger and add more weight. The packages must address the outside of the edge-rusher site. Good fit here.

31st Kansas City Chiefs

Dre Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State. Monday night made it clear that managers need (much) more defensive talent. Jones is a similar outlook for Chris Jones, essentially the only Kansas City defender who showed up against Rams.

32nd Los Angeles Rams

Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia. A long play-making cornerback would boost Rams secondary. Hall is not a superficial athlete but has a nose for the football.

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