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2019 NFL Mock Draft: Broncos trade into first round for Drew Lock, Seahawks land stud pass rusher and safety

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Related Articles’s Pete Prisco is convinced that the Cardinals will pass on Murray with the No. 1

overall pick and it makes sense; the team took Josh Rosen with the 10th overall pick 12 months ago and when you’re coming off at three-win season, stocking up on franchise quarterbacks is a sure-fire way to get yourself fired. But … Arizona hired Kliff Kingsbury’s new coach, the team is looking for interest, and Murray can run Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense in his sleep. Put another way: We’re at the “if your lips are moving” portion of the pre-draft process, which means you can’t believe anything you hear. The Cards shouldn’t draft Murray first overall but we still think they do it.

The 49ers enter the 2019 draft having taken a defensive lineman in the first round in three of the last four years. Make it four out of five because it is an off-the-edge terror who came into the 2018 season as the likely first-overall selection but only lasted three games after suffering a core muscle injury in September. There’s a lot to love about his game and the biggest concern may be durability.
Williams is the No. 1 player on our board and you can’t go wrong taking him first, second or third overall. He dominates the line of scrimmage and while he’s not an edge rusher, he’s a pocket collapser who is just like good rushing the pass as he is stopping the run; Williams ranked No. Pro according to Pro Football Focus. 1 in pass-rush productivity and run-stop percentage. Now imagine him lining up next to Leonard Williams.
The Raiders desperately need to replace Khalil Mack (and Bruce Irvin, whom they cut midway through the ’18 campaign) and Josh Allen would be a godsend here. He returned to Kentucky for his senior season, added 15 pounds of muscle, and spent the next four months handling just about anybody they put in front of him. This would be a no-brainer for Jon Gruden and Mike Maycock – assuming, of course, that Gruden isn’t eyeing a quarterback.
We’ll be honest: We like Devin Bush slightly better than Devin White but both linebackers are ridiculous athletes who not only control the field but have sideline to sideline speed, not to mention the physical strength to knock you out when they arrive. Some NFL teams wonder if White has the instincts to play at a high level, and is sometimes a step slow on play-action reads – but often makes up for it with speed, quickness and athleticism. With Kwon Alexander now in San Francisco, White steps into the starting job from Day 1.
The Giants reportedly really like Ed Oliver and Montez Sweat, but with some teams concerned about Sweat’s medicals, he could slip down draft boards. But Oliver, who missed time in 2018 with a knee injury and was “Out of sight, out of mind” while the Quinnen Williams, Josh Allens and Montez Sweats were making names for themselves. But Oliver was just everyone who was when he blew a 4.71 40 time at his pro day. He played the center in college but he’ll be a 3-technique terror in the NFL where he’ll spend Sunday afterwards wreaking havoc in the backfield. Would the Giants take a quarterback here? Maybe. But general manager Dave Gettleman is all about bolster both lines and Oliver is one of the best players in this class.
One of the 10 best players in this draft, T.J. Hockenson would give Nick Foles a much-needed middle-of-the-field weapon. We would make the case that even with Foles under contract, Jacksonville should think long and hard about drafting a quarterback. That doesn’t appear in the cards and if the team chooses not the right choice, Hockenson would be the obvious choice. He’s a good blocker and has the potential to be a special pass catcher. He’s drawn comparisons to Travis Kelce. We’re not ready to put that on him but there’s a lot to love about his game.
Ziggy Ansah was not re-signed and even though the Lions gave you a lot of money, you can never have too many elite pass rushers. And that’s what several NFL teams think Burns can become. He weighs 249 at the combine – from his listed paying weight of 235 (and may have been more than that) – and ran 4.53, which immediately gets your attention. But he’s not just a workout warrior; last season Burns had 10 sacks, 15.5 tackled for loss and four forced fumbles. He reminds us of Aldon Smith, who as a situational pass rusher during his rookie season with the 49ers racked up 14 sacks.
Yes Taylor is the best offensive lineman in this class. He may be just the right thing, but that’s exactly where the bills need to upgrade the depth chart. The team has the line along the defensive line but they would love to up the O-line – and in the process do a better job of keeping second-year quarterback Josh Allen upright.
Drew Lock seems so obvious that it has to happen here, right? Maybe not. The Broncos parted ways with Brandon Marshall and Josey Jewell and Todd Davis are currently penciled in at inside linebacker. Bush, who is a fantastic athlete as evidenced by his 4.43 40 at the combine, can line up to cover tight ends and shows the ability to change direction when going from rush to coverage. He’s a solid tackler who has second gear when pursuing but he’s at his best when he has big bodies in front of him eating up blockers.
Rashan Gary is an enigma because his athleticism is off the charts but he didn’t have the production to match it. The reason? He was out of position at Michigan. He’s not an interior defensive lineman; at 6-foot-4, 277 pounds is best on the edge where he can use his quickness, strength and speed (to 4.58 40 at the combine) to win against offensive tackles. The Bengals have a defensive line that includes Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins and Gary could be scary. The biggest question is whether Gary will ever approach his ceiling as a player.
The Packers were active in a free agency, adding edge rusher Za’Darius Smith, outside linebacker Preston Smith and safety Adrian Amos. And while it wouldn’t hurt to add another pass, getting Aaron Rodgers to athletic tight end is also an option – and arguably a better one. Noah found reminds us of Evan Engram in that you can line him up anywhere and he’ll pose a matchup nightmare for whomever’s in front of him – linebacker, safety, cornerback. He ran a 4.50 at the combine and he plays even faster than that. Jimmy Graham was not the player he once was and Fant would be an obvious successor.
At 6-foot-3, 330 pounds, Ford is a monster. But don’t be fooled by his size; he’s incredibly nimble. He has the lower-body athleticism and the upper-body strength to match up with all types of pass rushers. Ford’s also versatile. He excelled at right tackle for Oklahoma last season but he started his career at the right guard and could play either position in the NFL. The right side of the Dolphins line of work and Ford would be a great place to start. Now if only Miami could find a long-term answer to a franchise quarterback.
The Falcons are looking for help along the defensive and defensive lines and while Christian Wilkins is not Quinnen Williams, he is far behind – at least according to advanced metrics. Williams Focus No. Pro Football Focus 1 in both pass-rush productivity and run-stop percentage. No. 2 in both categories? Wilkins. Plus, Grady Jarrett’s contract expires after the 2019 season and Wilkins would solidify the defensive line for the foreseeable future.
Dwayne Haskins is our No. 1 quarterback but he could find his way to the middle of the first round if the giants were not interested in grabbing him at. 6. The Redskins won’t let him get them here; as CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora has been reporting since the combine, Washington loves Haskins and could even trade up for him. Put another way: No one believes Case Keenum or Colt McCoy are long-term answers, and it’s unclear when Alex Smith will be cleared to play football again. Haskins is a traditional pocket suit that completed 70 percent of his throws and tossed 50 touchdowns in 2018.
Right tackle Daryl Williams and left guard Greg Van Roten are both signed through 2019. We know this because while Jonah Williams was a dominant left tackle for Alabama during the 2018 season there have been conversations about him moving to right tackle – or even kicking inside to guard – at the next level. Wherever he ends up, Williams is a technician who can be a start from Day 1. He fills a clear need in Carolina.
The Giants have been linked to Jones since the Senior Bowl. And with him sitting on the board they can’t pass him up, even with needs at right tackle (which they can fill in next rounds, starting with the 37th pick). Jones played for David Cutcliffe at Duke and this is noteworthy because Cutcliffe is close with Peyton and Eli Manning. And when you watch Jones play, he looks like a manning – his mannerisms, his footwork, they way he holds the football. Added bonus: He’s a surprisingly good athlete who can run an RPO heavy offense and rushed for 186 yards against the North Carolina last season. And like Eli 15 years ago, Jones can start his career on the bench.
Center Pat Elfein had a tough 2018 season and the shape Ohio State third-round pick has said in the past that he feels more comfortable at guard simply because he’s played the position longer. Bradbury is the best center in this draft and one of the best offensive lines, period. He could take over center duties, and he could move on to the Vikings’ suspect offensive line. Bradbury arrived at N.C. State as a tight end and he still flashes that athleticism – including the 4.92 40 he blazed at the combine. If the goal is to keep Kirk Cousins ​​clean, Bradbury is an easy choice here.
The top guard in this draft class, Lindstrom was dominant at Boston College. He’d seamlessly transition to the Titans where he’d be upgraded to Kevin Pamphile, Aaron Stinnie or Corey Levin. Also: If the plan is to get the most out of Marcus Mariota, who will make $ 20.9 million in 2019 and possibly hit the free agency in the spring, surrounding him with a solid offensive line is not a bad place to start.
Byron Murphy is our top cornerback and the Steelers don’t overthink it here. They really need help in the secondary, Murphy is a special talent, and he was the obvious replacement to 2016 first-rounder Artie Burns, who was benched midway through last season. Murphy is not as athletic as, say, Greedy Williams, but his teams have combined his drill work and his game tape backs it up.
Ferrell was arguably the best player on Clemson’s defensive line shock full of first-rounders. He racked up 11.5 sacks and 20 tackled for loss last season for the Tigers. Meanwhile, the Seahawks just traded Frank Clark, who had 13 sacks last season, and they need reload on pass rushers. Ferrell does that and them some.
Brown, who has blazing speed with the lateral quickness to match, has drawn comparisons to Tyreek Hill and DeSean Jackson. He also has the ability to put his foot in the ground and get in and out of cuts leaving defensive backs in a heap. Brown lacks strength as a blocker but is willing to do the job. He’s great in the screen game, catches the ball cleanly, and is able to make defenders miss in small areas. A home-run hit who suffered from Lisfranc injury that could scare off some teams, but the expectation is that he’ll be ready at training camp. If the Ravens truly want their offense to evolve under Lamar Jackson, Brown’s field-stretching ability is a good place to start.
We’ve been saying it since January but it’s worth repeating one last time: Deshaun Watson was sacked a whopping 62 hour last season. SIXTY-TWO! Enter Other Dilliard, who is the top pass blocking tackle in this class. He has smooth feet, long arms, effortlessly deals with twists / stunts and shows the ability to get out in space on screen passes. He’s tried as a blocker but only because he’s played in Mike Leach’s Air Raid offense in Washington State.
Here’s the question Williams will have to answer: Is he willing to tackle? Because he didn’t always do that at LSU. But when he’s focused on putting his athleticism to work there’s no better cornerback in this draft. He’s silky smooth in coverage and has full confidence in his abilities and athleticism. Williams can blank receivers when he’s locked in but other times looks disinterested. The Raiders definitely need help in the secondary and with the right coaching Williams could end up being steal at this position.
Juan Thornhill had a quietly effective 2018 campaign and was used as an exclamation point on the season. A former cornerback, Thornhill has insane athleticism (4.4, 40, 44-inch vertical). He can cover the slot and has the speed to run with wide receivers. He also has the strength and size to win downfield jump balls against bigger players. Thornhill has to do better job getting off blocks but has all the tools to a solid NFL player and make and immediate impact.
Matt Eberflus transformed the Colts into a good defense in 2018. To go from good to great, Indy needs to add a few more pieces. Jerry Tillery has an explosive first step and his raw strength coupled with effective hand usage makes it incredibly difficult for offensive linemen to sustain blocks. He’s a constantly disruptive presence in the backfield on both run and pass plays and displays good awareness. He has unique size (6-foot-6), is impossible to move off spot, and has the power to regularly collapse pocket. If you play with more consistency Tillery could still be one of the biggest surprises of this class.
The Raiders added offensive weapons Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, Ryan Grant and Isaiah Crowell in the offseason but after addressing pass rusher and cornerback with their first two first-rounders, Oakland gets Derek Carr one more weapon. Jacobs is probably the only one running back to go in Round 1 and for good reason. He’s compactly built, a one-cut-and-exploded runner who excels at setting up blocks. Jacobs is difficult to bring down with initial contact and his speed affords him the ability to play outside – though he doesn’t force it. He runs hard, with purpose, is an efficient passport blocker, shows good hands as a receiver and can also return kicks. He’s the best running back in this class and it’s not close.
Don’t be fooled by his 6-foot-4, 342-pound frame. Dexter Lawrence is an incredible athlete and at first appearance might suggest otherwise, he’s a three-down player. For some perspective on just how versatile he is, during the 2018 season Lawrence ranked fourth in Pro Football Focus’ pass-rush productivity metric and was sixth in run-stop percentage. There’s also this: In Los Angeles, he’ll be booked by Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. Good luck stopping that.
Savage, whom the Seahawks had for a private visit, can play deep safety, nickel backer or line up in the slot. He exploded downhill and his 4.37 speed allowed him to disguise coverages until the last moment. He is a good tackler but is sometimes out of control when trying to make plays near the line of scrimmage. And while Savage can sometimes be fooled into coverage, he has the athleticism and speed to make up for those mistakes – and he’ll only get better with experience.
Brian Bulaga is the final year of his contract and Dalton Risner is a logical choice here. The Kansas State standout excelled at right in college but there have been discussions about kicking him inside to guard, and possibly even center. But don’t sleep on Risner to tackle; He got the best of Montez Sweat when Kansas State and Mississippi State faced off in 2018, and he had an impressive Senior Bowl week too. Risner is a first-round talent who can play anywhere along the O-line.
Jeffery Simmons is a top-five talent. Unfortunately, his ACL in February, which means he won’t be healthy until midway through the season, best case. But when he returns, the Rams will have a dominant young player in the middle of a defense that solves Ndamukong Suh in free agency but still includes Aaron Donald.
Broncos general manager John Elway has long been linked to Drew Lock, dating back to the 2018 season, continuing through Senior Bowl week and concluding in Nashville during the first round of the draft. Plus, the team has a history of trading back into the first round in search of a franchise quarterback; Elway did just that in 2016 when he moved up to no. 26 to grab Paxton Lynch, who lasted just two years in Denver before he was released days before the 2018 season. Lock has the best arm in this class, is an accurate deep-ball throw and is surprisingly athletic (including 4.69 40). And after a rocky start, which was due to learning a new offense, he finished his senior season strong. In Denver, Elway’s latest staff becomes a franchise quarterback.
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